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When depression or anxiety strikes, you’ll have 10 steps based on biblical teaching to help you recover the joy that is your birthright.

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How do people who face suffering and trouble stay strong in spirit and rooted in joy? In Joy: How to Find Happiness in Everyday Living, you’ll find 10 practical steps— easy actions you can take right now to find your joy.

This FREE eBook offers each of these 10 action steps, based on biblical teachings and the Word of God to give you a path to climb out of your sorrows. These inspirational readings will help you rise above your troubles.

All you have to do today is turn on the TV news or read the newspaper and before you know it, you can be overwhelmed with feelings of powerlessness—mental distress that only adds stress to your close relationships. This is why a diet of the good news of Christ’s teachings is more essential than your daily vitamins.

Christ himself urged us to “be of good cheer” (John 16:33). His words, and the example of the lives of His Apostles, can help you live a life of good cheer. Because within His words are the instructions for how to bring joy into your life.

When you read Joy: How to Find Happiness in Everyday Living, you’ll have those instructions along with guidance for how to act on them in today’s complex world.

Don’t live a life of suffering. God puts the choice before us. Download your FREE eBook, and choose a life of happiness.