Planned Giving

Create a legacy of love

Help us continue to bring hope to future generations in need. Your support today makes it possible for us to reach out to the millions who depend on this ministry to provide hope and faith in their daily lives.  When you give to Guideposts through your estate or long-term financial plans, you are forging your life legacy with our ministry and ensuring we are here for future generations. There are many ways to create your Legacy of Love.  

Charitable Gift Annuities

This well-established and IRS-approved form of giving helps you boost your retirement income while supporting Guideposts. Annuity rates are fixed for your lifetime and you may benefit from several tax advantages, depending upon how you fund the annuity.   

Will & Bequests

Making a bequest through your Will is one of the easiest ways to remember loved ones and the organizations you care about most. You may choose from several options to make a bequest to Guideposts.

Many of our friends have notified us that Guideposts is one of the charities in their Wills, trusts or estate plans. If you have decided to name Guideposts in your estate plans we would like to recognize you as a member of our Legacy Circle. We are so thankful to those friends who demonstrate their commitment to our mission of Guideposts and help ensure the long-term strength of the Outreach Ministry programs.

The simplest way to make a gift is to add the following language to your Will, naming Guideposts Foundation as beneficiary:  “I give, devise and bequeath ________(a certain sum, a percentage of the estate, or the remainder of the estate) to Guideposts Foundation, 39 Old Ridgebury Road, Suite 2AB, Danbury, CT 06810 for Guideposts Outreach.”

Call Amy Hosmer today and we can provide a free booklet, Questions & Answers about Estate Planning. 1-800-728-5653, ext. 3


Trusts are an excellent way to plan your estate. There are many advantages. Your estate avoids probate unlike with a Will.  When you make a provision for Guideposts in your trust, you can simply and quietly leave a legacy.  Gifts through a trust can be made, like through a Will, in a fixed amount, as a percentage of your estate, or as a residue after gifts to loved ones. 

Gifts of Securities
Appreciated securities are an excellent way to give to Guideposts. Through a precise process, you may transfer shares to Guideposts who then sells them. This may allow you to bypass capital gains tax and increase your charitable deduction. It is important to follow the process exactly, so please contact us, and your financial professional, for further information.  

Life Insurance

Life insurance policies that are no longer needed make good sources of gifts to Guideposts. You can simply name Guideposts as the primary beneficiary of the policy. Your charitable deduction depends on the status of the policy, whether it is paid in full or if premiums are still due. A gift of life insurance can be an easy way to provide meaningful support.  

Memorial/Tribute Gift

Many people make gifts in memory of loved ones to Guideposts Foundation. You may also make a gift in honor of someone or for a special occasion, such as a birthday or for holiday greetings. We will send a note to whomever you designate to let them know of your kindness. For all memorial gifts, we will enter the individual’s name in our Memorial Book and send their name to our Prayer Fellowship for a prayer of remembrance. At various times during the year, we have a special prayer service for all memorial/honor gifts and we remember them and their families.

Call Michelene Murphy-Staib today and she can provide more information. 1-800-728-5653 ext. 7 or email her at [email protected].

To make a memorial/tribute gift, click here for form, to mail in.