The Hands and Feet of Jesus

There are countless ways the Lord can use us to have a great impact on our world. 

Posted in , Jan 20, 2015

Iris. By Judy Royal Glenn.

I am constantly learning about photography and how to edit my photographs. It will never be old hat to me.

This is a photo of an iris I took about eight months ago. I looked back on this image and saw how it could be improved.

One way is to not shoot when the sun is so harsh, to show detail in the petals. This is not always possible, as I have to shoot where I am when I can.

I also noticed the way I processed this photo in Lightroom (a program that allows me to retouch my images) and made some minor adjustments to the image with dramatic differences.

A leaf was distracting, so I took it out. I decreased the highlights to see more detail in the petals and decreased the shadows to see the detail in the stalk.

Another photographer can come along and see other things that could be improved. They may have way more experience and talent than I do. Critique and feedback are good and help us grow. I need to not worry so much about what others think, but do the best I can with what I have.

This is also how we need to live our Christian life. We should not compare ourselves to other people who may have wonderful gifts and talents. The Lord has blessed us and given us gifts that need to be used right where we are.

It may be that neighbor across the street who needs to know Jesus, and you may be the person the Lord wants to use. Struggling people at food banks need someone to help serve food and minister to them. There are countless ways the Lord can use us to have a great impact on our world. We are the hands and feet of Jesus.

What are we doing with our hands and feet? How can the gifts the Lord has given us help make our world better?

Location: Ridgecrest, North Carolina

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