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We are committed to communicating positive, faith-filled principles for people to use in successful daily living. Through our uplifting publications, websites and charitable programs we reach out to provide support, inspiration, and hope.

Writing a note is an act of kindness

How Kindness Can Save a Life

A military mom remembers how a simple prayer and written note eased her torment.

Coping with a military deployment

A Blessing in the Making

A military family and friends pull together during the worries over a deployment–and find grace.

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How God encourages us during tough times.

How God Encourages Us Through Tough Times

Proof that no matter what life throws at you, God has a plan.

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On Memorial Day, honoring those who gave their lives in service to their country

On Memorial Day, Honoring Those Who Gave Their All

The men and women who taught us the true meaning of honor and courage.

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Fining forgotten military heroes in your family

Finding Forgotten Military Heroes in the Family

This Memorial Day, don’t overlook those close to you who have served their country.

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Guideposts observes National Military Appreciation Month

Thank a Veteran or Active Duty Service Member

May is “National Military Appreciation” month. Please join us in letting all of the brave soldiers and veterans who have sacrificed so much that they are not forgotten and that they are truly loved and appreciated.

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Sparkle comforts a child in the hospital

A Guideposts Comfort Kit Brings Hope to Kaylee

A mother who saw her young daughter through a battle with cancer shares how little things can make a big difference for kids with serious illnesses.

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The American Legion celebrates its 98th anniversary.

Happy Birthday, American Legion

Chartered by Congress 98 years ago, here are 5 notable accomplishments by a great organization that helps our military veterans.

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No man left behind.

No One Left Behind

It’s a phrase that began on the field of combat but now carries meaning for all of us in daily life.

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A dog helps a veteran with PTSD.

How a Dog Helped a Military Veteran Heal

A golden retriever leads the way out of the suffering from PTSD.

K9 Veterans Day honors our military dogs.

Remembering Our Military Dogs

March 13 is K9 Veterans Day! We remember our four-legged service members.

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Celebrating camo green on Valentine's Day

10 Reasons to Love Our Military

In this season of Valentine’s red and pink, some military green

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A blessing in a grocery store line.

Joy from a Stranger

In a crowded grocery store line, a kind gesture blesses both giver and receiver.

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Honoring those who care for our military veterans

In Honor of Those Who Care for Our Veterans​

Love pours forth for a patient from a hospital’s staff.

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