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How to support a military spouse

Challenges of a Military Spouse

Whether their loved one is on active duty, in the reserves or deployed, the spouse at home needs special consideration, too.

Working parent

On Working Parents Day, Don’t Forget Military Families

How you can help parents in your community who also serve in the military or the reserves.

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Proud military family

Beyond Fear–Finding Pride and Peace

Military moms experience a wave of emotions when their children enlist. Here are a few.

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Marine saluting flag

Feeling God’s Love on 9/11

A military mom remembers a day that changed her family’s life.

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Parents of a soldier

How a Military Mom Learned to Trust God

When a son enlists, a mother’s urge to be in control is challenged.

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How to avoid potholes in life

How to Avoid Potholes in Life

A military mom learns to steer her way around life’s obstacles, not toward them.

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Join Us for Children's Day of Prayer

Join Us for Children's Day of Prayer

Guideposts Outreach Coordinator, Lexy Curtin, talks about Guideposts Comfort Kit Program and invites you to send prayer requests for the kids and grandkids in your life! Join us for Guideposts Children's Day of Prayer, September 6th.

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Mom making a phone call

When to Hold Back and Rest in Faith

An overprotective military mom learns when not to call her son’s base to check on his health.

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Be a light to others, not a source of hurt

Be a Source of Hope, Not Hurt

A military mom shares the importance of being a light to others.

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Feeding a son returning from military deployment

Feeding My Son

A military mom better understands God’s generosity as she welcomes home her deployed son.

Marine dress blues

In the Military, More Than Just a Uniform

The passion to serve is about something bigger.

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Lessons from a traffic jam

Lessons from a Traffic Jam

For an impatient military mom, nothing’s worse than being stuck in traffic–or is it?

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How worried military families can find inner peace.

5 Ways Worried Military Families Can Find Peace

These attitude-changing tips can make all the difference for those who have loved ones in harm’s way.

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Boot camp

First Day of School, First Day of Boot Camp

A military mom divulges the most important things a mother can offer when a child heads off on a new journey.

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