During hard times, such as parenting challenges, marital problems, illness, or financial struggles, we can all draw on deep sources of comfort and hope to help guide us forward.

Birds flying by a mountain at sunrise

5 Incredible Stories of Near-Death Experiences

These inspiring firsthand accounts of heaven shed light on the peace, glory and love that awaits us in the afterlife.

Woman in yellow field at sunset having a dream about her deceased loved ones

Was God Sending Her Messages in Her Dreams?

After two tragic family deaths, her dreams assured her that her loved ones were happy in heaven.

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The cast of Thirteen Lives on set in true inspiring story of Thai cave rescue

The Miraculous True Story Behind 'Thirteen Lives'

Cave diver Rick Stanton—played by Viggo Mortenson in Ron Howard’s new film—shares details of the dramatic rescue in a Thai cave.

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A group of people who have encountered god and have stories of faith

7 People Who Encountered God

Stranded on a mountain, a perfectly-time phone call—these folks had divine encounters that changed their lives.

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Illustration of a prescription; Illustration by Coco Masuda

Someone Cares: Prescription for Kindness

Her kind words made this exhausted pharmacist’s day.

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Illustration of an account password; Illustration by Coco Masuda

Someone Cares: Prompted to Pray

Her password prompts are prayer prompts that reminded her to pray for the needs of her own and others.

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Illustration of man giving pancakes to neighbors; Illustration by Coco Masuda

Someone Cares: Hungry for Connection

His idea of reconnecting with neighbors through pancake parties became a great way to bring the community together.

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Miriam, Delilah and Nathenial Adams are surrounded by military care packages; photo by Todd Plitt

Spreading Kindness Around the World

Her twins showed her what can happen when you dare to dream big.

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Tonya May Avent; photo by Jim Graham

Her Faith Was Strengthened by a Friend's Courage in Coping with ALS

A surprise phone call from a former high school classmate forged a friendship based on faith and forgiveness.

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Lee Strobel on the set for The Case for Heaven discussing life after death

How Lee Strobel Makes a Case for Heaven

After his own close brush with death, an author seeks to understand life after death.

Carrie McKean and her daughtersp; photo by Trace Thomas

God Opened Her Eyes to the Blessings of Living in a Texas Oil Town

She thought her family would be bored and lonely after moving to Midland. Then she prayed that they could stay.

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Lisa Faire Graham at home with her husband Bill and cat Mitzi; photo by Mark Wallheiser

Viewing God's Gifts in a Different Light

Would losing sight in one eye mean the end of her burgeoning photography career?

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An illustration of a pregnant woman; Illustration by Nomoco

The Incredible Miracle of Her First Son

She kept hearing God say she would have a son. His promise became the divine comfort she needed.

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Man breaking a cigarette in half; Getty Images

Divine Intervention Helped Him Quit Smoking

This heaven-sent dream motivated him to beat his nicotine addiction.

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Illustration of a surfer in wetsuit; Illustration by Tanguy Jestin

A Surfer's Divine Warning

Although he ignored a sign from above, he was still miraculously protected.

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Koa Kampground sign; Photo credit: James Schwabel/Alamy

An Answered Prayer Guided Her To Safety

She was lost in the dark—until a mysterious cabin appeared.

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