During hard times, such as parenting challenges, marital problems, illness, or financial struggles, we can all draw on deep sources of comfort and hope to help guide us forward.
a woman hiking the Appalachian Trail, Getty Images

Woman Hiking Appalachian Trail to Raise Opioid Addiction Awareness

Heather Starbuck hopes to honor her late fiancé by hiking the 2,200 mile long trail.

Polaroid pictures of a sunset piled on top of a leather journal.

The Comforting Picture That Eased Her Concerns

She was worried about her independent mother transitioning into a nursing home. The Lord sent a sign to ease her anxiety.

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Ambulance van on the highway

God's Angels Save the Day

The people around her seemed to be dispatched from heaven.

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In learning to deal with Parkinson's, Emmett Diggs returned to his first athletic love: Boxing.

How Boxing Helped Him Cope with Parkinson's Disease

A retired pastor who gave up boxing more than half a century earlier puts up his dukes once again with a new and unlikely foe in his sights: Parkinson’s.

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George Vorel (center) with some of his employees

This Owner of a Steel Company Succeeds by Giving Addicts a Second Chance

The founder and owner of an industrial steel processing company in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, shares how his own daughter's struggles with addiction inspired him to change his hiring process to give recovering addicts a chance at a decent job with a working wage.

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Watching the lake

How Norman Vincent Peale Would View the World Today

A granddaughter reflects on how Peale's message and the simple, powerful beauty of nature intertwined.

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Book 1 bundle of the 'Secrets of Wayfarer's Inn'

Secrets of Wayfarer's Inn: The Guideposts Staff Discusses the Role of Faith

Listen as three Guideposts employees talk about the role of faith in their daily lives. Follow three life-long friends as they solve mysteries with the support of faith in Guideposts' newest fiction series, Secrets of Wayfarers Inn.

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An everything bagel

The Everything Bagel Mystery

To her surprise, a daughter comes up with the perfect birthday card for her carb-craving dad.

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Frenchie sitting in a meadow full of wildflowers in Pescadero, San Mateo County, California, USA.

A Heaven-Sent Puppy

After losing their beloved pooch, this couple refused to get another one. This adorable pup instantly changed their minds for the better.

Actress Marla Gibbs

Guideposts Classics: Actress Marla Gibbs on Stepping Out on Faith

In this story from September 1989, the popular actress shares how she came to understand that when it comes to faith, the first step can be the toughest—and the most rewarding.

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Helping others

Celebrating Heroes Among Us

Tell us about about someone you know who has been a source of "everyday greatness" for others.

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Woman in thought

What Good Can Come of Hardship?

When you turn to God, times of stress can lead to better choices and richer insights.

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Grant's Tomb

Who’s Buried in Grant’s Tomb?

Musings on the Civil War general's final resting place in New York City overlooking the Hudson River.

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