During hard times, such as parenting challenges, marital problems, illness, or financial struggles, we can all draw on deep sources of comfort and hope to help guide us forward.


When God Seems Far Away

Just like waiting for spring flowers to emerge, know that light and color will enter your life again.

An artist's rendering of Sherri's bowl of blessings

Someone Cares: Bowls of Blessings

She found counting blessings to be a helpful practice, so when she found out her friend was battling cancer, she sent her a special gift.

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An artist's rendering of one of Dave's inspiring homemade plaques

Someone Cares: All Purpose

A woodworker and lay minister finds an inspiring use for the scraps of wood that clutter his workshop.

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An artist's rendering of a young woman and a senior citizen chatting at a bus stop

Someone Cares: On the Bus

An Ohio woman speaks with strangers as she makes her way around town on the bus, offering prayers for them at home later that evening.

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Boston Marathon bombing survivor Rebekah Gregory and her son, Noah

How One Bombing Survivor Overcame Injuries and Fear

In Guideposts' April 2017 cover story, this young mother shares how she survived the Boston Marathon bombing. Could she survive the aftermath?

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Jack and Roger make their rounds at Gulf Coast Village.

How One Dog Changed Life at A Senior Center

The runt of his litter, Jack wasn't Laura's ideal candidate to serve as a therapy dog at the senior residence center where she worked—or was he?

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B. Verde at the Scripp's Health Center

This Heart Attack Survivor Wants You to Know the Signs

After surviving a heart attack, Bertha "B" Verde wants other women to know what she didn't when it comes to heart disease. 

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Jo Ann Obie holds in her hand the crystal butterfly she received as a gift

A Sign of Hope After a Loss

She was honored to sing at the military memorial service for a friend, but wondered how she’d do it without breaking down. Could a butterfly be a sign?

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Mysterious Ways editor Diana Aydin

Why Me, God? The Mystery of Suffering

Diana Aydin, who has survived brain surgery and was later diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, asks members of the clergy and writers about the nature of suffering.

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The Job Offer That Saved My Life

The Job Offer That Saved My Life

I thought the cure to my stress was in California. So why was I called to St. Louis?

Dominique (left) and Jen, reunited

Jen Bricker's Miraculous Family Reunion

The acrobat, author and motivational speaker had looked up to gymnast Dominque Moceneau since childhood, not knowing she had a stronger connection to her hero than she could have dreamed.

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Encourage someone this Lent.

Encourage Someone for Lent

How a timely smile keeps a tired jogger going each morning

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Colorful candles on a birthday cake topped with icing

"Make A Wish" Birthday Card

Here's an advance look at one of Guideposts' Someone Cares greeting cards for April 2017.

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teens from different racial backgrounds gardening together, smiling

At-Risk Teens Grow Hope in Community Garden

Here's how Project L.I.F.T.'s inspiring after school program helps these teens prepare for a better future.

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