During hard times, such as parenting challenges, marital problems, illness, or financial struggles, we can all draw on deep sources of comfort and hope to help guide us forward.

Courtesy of Melissa d'Arabian

Melissa d’Arabian on God, Food and Grace

The cooking star of Ten Dollar Dinners talks about finding God in the kitchen.

Guideposts' contributing editor Elizabeth Sherrill

Elizabeth Sherrill on Gaudi's Basilica de la Sagrada Familia

Guideposts' longtime contributing editor discusses the life and inspiring works of legendary architect Antoni Gaudi.

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A mysterious door opening.

The Big Question: Why Are We Here?

It’s something each of us has asked ourselves at some point in our lives, whether it’s a passing thought while riding the bus or during the type of deep contemplation that keeps you up late into the night. What is my purpose? Here are a few thoughts from authors, experts, and spiritual leaders on humanity’s ultimate question.

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A pair of kids in awe at the sea animals in the aquarium.

What Makes Our Guideposts Staff Feel Awe?

Awe is one of humankind’s most powerful states of being. Studies show it has the ability to strengthen your faith, improve your health—even change your perceptions of time. Here are all the ways, big and small, that the Guideposts staff experiences awe.

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A choir in a sanctuary

The Transcendent Power of Music

Science now confirms what believers have long known: Sacred music can bring on a meditative and reflective state.

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God speaks to us in our dreams.

Does God Speak to You in Your Dreams?

Priest and Jungian analyst John Sanford offers seven ways God may be communicating through nighttime visions. 

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Go Behind the Scenes with an Editor from Guideposts Books

Go Behind the Scenes with an Editor from Guideposts Books

From cozy mysteries to heartwarming love stories, Guideposts Books has something for everyone. 

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Photo credit: Vince Lambert

Prayer Shawls Comfort Grieving Military Families

Volunteers knit and crochet for the loved ones of fallen soldiers.

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Hurricane Dorian: Chef Andres Serves Thousands of Meals in the Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian: Chef Andres Serves Thousands of Meals in the Bahamas

The chef's nonprofit, World Central Kitchen, plans to set up multiple kitchens to help feed victims of the storm.

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Julian Lennon.

How This Encounter Shaped Julian Lennon's Destiny

It was the message he needed to confirm his father, Beatles singer-songwriter John Lennon, was alright. 

Reading Thomas Traherne

What Can You Learn from a 17th Century Clergyman?

Thomas Traherne's writings in Centuries of Meditations are packed with spiritual wisdom.

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Oscar winner Ralph Bellamy

Guideposts Classics: Ralph Bellamy on Sharing God's Gifts

In this story from June 1988, the Oscar-winning actor reminds us that our actions can, even when we don't know it, touch the lives of others.

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Cathy Lewan, a second-generation flyer, poses with her Cessna

Heaven Helped This Pilot Make an Emergency Landing

Thrust into a life-and-death situation, she learned that, though she had no passengers, she wasn't alone.

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Faith, family and friends

3 Values That Are Keys to Success in Life

A simple sign can be a strong reminder of what's really important. 

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