During hard times, such as parenting challenges, marital problems, illness, or financial struggles, we can all draw on deep sources of comfort and hope to help guide us forward.

Child actress Margaret O'Brien

Guideposts Classics: Margaret O'Brien's Love of Christmas

In this story from December 1948, the mother of child actress Margaret O’Brien shares how she and her daughter celebrated the Christmas season.

Illustration of a woman among clouds

She Shared the Details of Her Near-Death Experience

To comfort a dying friend, she described a blissful experience on a pink cloud.

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Young, smiling woman outdoors

How a Dream Reunited Two Cousins After Decades Apart

A vision prompted her to track down her long-lost relative.

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A baby in Green Bay Packers merchandise and a cheesehead hat.

Someone Cares: Double Birthday

She honored her late father by donating football gear to a baby born on his birthday.

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Carol Glazer and son Jacob; photo courtesy Carol Glazer

Caring for Her Son with Disabilities Led to a New Career

The president of the National Organization on Disability helped her child overcome a lifetime of challenges.

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A basket of colorful yarn.

Someone Cares: Healing Handiwork

How she helps breast cancer survivors all over the country and gained a personal sense of purpose.

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A silver AA medallion.

How a Silver Coin Connected Two Alcoholic Anonymous Members

He found a medallion honoring 25 years of sobriety. But who did the chip belong to?

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An illustration of a photo collage in the shape of a heart.

Someone Cares: We Are Family

She found nostalgic memories in her family photo album that made her day brighter.

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An illustration of Iron Man. Illustration by Marcelo Baez

How a Plastic Toy Cemented Their Relationship

She feared she would lose touch with the boy she had mentored. But an Iron Man figurine kept them connected.

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Joanna and Bronwen; photo courtesy Joanna Corfield

How a Horse Helped Her Overcome Fear and Self-Loathing

After a lifetime of struggling with anxiety and eating disorders, could an animal show her the way to self-acceptance?

Troy Vincent Sr. works to end the cycle of domestic violence. Photo: Todd Plitt

Faith Inspired Him to Break the Cycle of Domestic Abuse

Former NFL player Troy Vincent, who grew up in a violent home, now devotes himself to confronting this all-too-prevalent issue.

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The back of a car with a family sticker on the rear window.

Her Old Car Helped a Family in Need

She thought her car would have to be junked. But some divine intervention gave the vehicle a new lease on life.

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Apple crisp recipe

An Inexplicable Nudge Led Her to a Long-Lost Family Recipe

After countless failed attempts at recreating her late mother-in-law’s apple crisp, this chef received some divine inspiration.

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Brian, Cali and Cathleen at home with cats Butter and Ozzy.

How a Pair of Kittens Reunited After 2 Years

It would take a miracle to find the the other cat. Could she keep the promise to her daughter after choosing only one of the bonded pair?

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