During hard times, such as parenting challenges, marital problems, illness, or financial struggles, we can all draw on deep sources of comfort and hope to help guide us forward.


Finding the Divine Spark in Everyday Life

Mysterious Ways senior editor Hilary Ribons explains how divine inspiration is innate in everyone.


How Their Late Dog Provided Comfort

Their golden retriever dutifully watched over their daughter with epilepsy—even after he passed.

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Her Phone Call Saved Her Brother's Life

She'd given up on her brother, who had battled alcoholism for years, but a voice compelled her to try again.

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Divine Intervention Saved His Life

He was skeptical about miracles and other people's spiritual experiences, until this happened.

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Eric Guel

Could His Vision of Having a Daughter Come True?

He saw an image of himself as a father a decade before he married, but wondered if it was just his imagination.

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Raymond Burr

Guideposts Classics: Raymond Burr on Giving Yourself Away

In the story from April 1963, TV's Perry Mason shares with Elaine St. Johns how, despite his busy schedule, he always found time and energy to help others.

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A large truck with gleaming headlights in on the road at night.

The Sign from God That Saved Her Life

A truck with a strange set of lights appeared while on a long road trip. But where did the truck disappear to?

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Mark Porter

A Mysteriously Familiar Voice Led Him to Safety

Hunting for gator eggs in a swamp, Mark and his brother were beset by a swarm of killer bees. Whose voice was it that helped them escape?

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A yellow rose with prominent thorns blooming under the sunlight.

The Big Question: Why Does God Give Us Thorns?

Here are twelve thoughts on why God puts thorns in our lives…

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Was She Ready to Say 'I Do' Again?

She lost her husband to cancer and wasn't sure if she'll be able to marry again, until she got this message of support.

Pando, Utah

7 Spiritual Sights in the Natural World

What better way to appreciate God’s divine work than through the natural wonders he created? For thousands of years, humans have been drawn to the beauty and meditative solitude that nature offers. From deep lakes to high mountain tops, we travel to the world’s most mystical locations in search of spiritual comfort and enlightenment. Through nature, God teaches us about creation, wonder, balance, and connection. Here are a few of those spiritual places in nature. 

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Why a Veteran and His Remarkable Dog Traveled Across the Country

Why a Veteran and His Remarkable Dog Traveled Across the Country

When his dog was diagnosed with cancer, Rob Kugler left his life behind for an epic road trip.

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Photo Credit: Matthew Staver

Veteran Amputee Kirstie Ennis Prepares to Summit Everest

The Marine veteran, who suffered a life-altering injury while serving in Afghanistan, is days away from her goal.  

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Photograph courtesy of Maarten de Boer/Getty

5 Celebrities Who Heard from God in Startling Ways

A-listers share their experience with prophecies, visions, timely interventions and other mysterious encounters.   

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