During hard times, such as parenting challenges, marital problems, illness, or financial struggles, we can all draw on deep sources of comfort and hope to help guide us forward.

26 Days of Advent with Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Advent, Day 4: Angels, God's Messengers

On this, the fourth day of Advent, we share a devotion from Norman Vincent Peale, the founder of Guideposts, about the role of angels in the Christmas story.

26 Days of Advent with Norman Vincent Peale

Advent, Day 2: The Mistake That Proved a Blessing

On this, the second day of Advent, we share an inspiring story from Dr. Norman Vincent Peale about forgiveness and redemption at Christmastime.

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26 Days of Advent with Norman Vincent Peale

Advent, Day 1: How to Have Christmas in Your Soul

For the first day of Advent, here are 10 tips from Guideposts founder Norman Vincent Peale for experiencing spiritual growth during the Christmas season.

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Bryon Eggenschwiler's illustration of a young girl stepping into a book called L'Abri

The Book That Changed Her Life

She was separated from her copy of an inspiring book called L’Abri, but it never left her heart.

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An angel blows her horn at Christmas

Merry Christmas from Guideposts magazine!

We encourage you to share this holiday e-card with friends, family and loved ones!

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This Prison Chaplain Earned a Divine Second Chance

The former drug addict spent time in prison; then a mysterious letter propelled him to change his life.

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An artist's rendering of a Christmas cuckoo clock.

How a Christmas Clock Taught This Retiree to Move Forward

This former lieutenant colonel felt lost after retirement. Could she learn to accept her new life?

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A trio of road signs; Illustration By Jeff Koegel

3 Stories of Divine Intervention On the Road

Was it heavenly guidance that kept these drivers safe during their travels?

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A happy boxer dog.

This Unexpected Visitor Brought Her Comfort

She was grief-stricken after her dog passed away. Then a mysterious boxer came along.

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26 Days of Advent with Norman Vincent Peale

Advent, Day 3: A Gift of the Heart

On this third day of Advent, we share a moving story from Norman Vincent Peale, the founder of Guideposts, about the best kind of Christmas gift.

An artist's depiction of Jesus and the Transfiguration; Photo credit: Schalkwijk/Art Resource

How the Transfiguration of Jesus Reminds Us of God's Glory

Reflecting on the moment when Jesus became radiant on the mountain can help us transform our own lives.

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Illustration by Dawn Cooper

A Mysterious Note of Encouragement From a Child Gave Her Hope

Her son was struggling with alcohol addiction; the message reminded her that he was in God’s hands.

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Ty'Ann Brown, Guideposts' Vice President of Ministries; photo by Kennies Earl

Keep the Faith: The Joy of Giving at Christmas

Guideposts’ Vice President of Ministries shares a treasured family memory of an early experience with Christmas giving.

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A coffee shop coupon inside a thank you envelope; Illustration by Coco Masuda

Someone Cares: Merry Mission

Their family tradition brings Jesus’ caring spirit to essential workers during the holiday season.

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