During hard times, such as parenting challenges, marital problems, illness, or financial struggles, we can all draw on deep sources of comfort and hope to help guide us forward.

Courage to take the first step

A Beautiful Passover Lesson in Courage

An often-overlooked moment in the Exodus story teaches us the power of taking the first step.

Good Friday cross

Why Good Friday Is So Important

Sometimes we have to face our own sorrow and suffering for greater truth to be revealed.

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How to reach your goals

Don’t Let Limitations Define You

How to push yourself to rise above barriers and experience the power of possibilities.

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Love your enemies

How to Love Your Enemies

Why did Jesus ask us to do such a thing? And how can we follow such a difficult command? 

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A crow peering down from a branch.

An Unlikely Angelic Messenger

This crow made a lasting impression on restoring her faith.

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When God Laughs

When God Laughs

Was the song a sign that God had heard and answered her prayer?

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A group of people participating in the practice of talking in tongues.

Breaking Down the Mystery of Speaking in Tongues

Guideposts Executive Editor Rick Hamlin shares what he learned about the practice that dates back to over a hundred years.

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A chance to show great love

A Chance to Show Great Love

When you’re feeling kind of rotten about yourself, remember that God has forgiven all.

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Donations are collected by students and volunteers at Fox High School in Arnold, Missouri, for flood victims.

Flooding in the Midwest: How You Can Help

Here’s how you could help the dozens of towns in the Midwest reeling from recent floods and storms

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Crown of thorns on Good Friday

Where Is The Goodness of God on Good Friday?

Finding messages of hope and redemption as death on the cross is ultimately defied.

Left: Helen Keller, Middle: Anne Frank, Right: Eleanor Roosevelt

6 Women Who Inspire Us Today

Author Therese Borchard highlights some of history’s most inspirational women and their great lessons

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Three colorful Easter eggs with inspirational messages written on them.

Someone Cares: Soul Food

Her messages shared the hope of Easter with the less fortunate.

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A green umbrella showing a happy frog.

Someone Cares: Singing in the Rain

This project collected umbrellas for those in need in their community.

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Three kitchenettes with various meals in hand.

Someone Cares: Soup’s On

A group of volunteers helps church members celebrate Easter with delicious lunches.

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