During hard times, such as parenting challenges, marital problems, illness, or financial struggles, we can all draw on deep sources of comfort and hope to help guide us forward.


When You Feel Helpless

Focus on one small thing you can do. It can make a huge difference.

God's faith

3 Bible Verses to Assure Us of God’s Faithfulness

Instead of worrying, wait for what you need without doubt because God’s grace and provision are always available. 

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A man knocking on a door with a bouquet of flowers behind his back on a Spring day.

A Husband at My Door

God had a plan for her after she lost her husband.

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A color block silhouette of a couple holding an article of clothing in a laundromat with Cupid hovering above.

Angels in the Laundromat

This was the last place I wanted to be.

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Managing depression

Rediscovering Faith and Fighting Depression

The path to battling an inner turmoil with grace and compassion

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Handing a problem over to God

A Reminder of a Faithful God

Sometimes you just have to put a situation in God’s hands. And that’s a good thing.

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8 Fasxinating Biblical Facts About Angels

8 Fascinating Biblical Facts About Angels

The Bible is filled with evidence that angels protect, guide, encourage and strengthen us. But there are also many lesser known, fascinating facts about God’s messengers found in the Bible. Here are 8 amazing angel facts taken straight from Scripture.

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Banish winter gloom

5 Ways to Banish Winter Gloom

In the middle of all the snow and slush and mud, there are signs of hope. Here’s how to see them.

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A Valentine red cardinal bird perched on a pine tree branch.

Comfort from a Heaven-Sent Cardinal

I thought I'd be able to say good-bye to my husband at the very end.

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Oscar-winning actress Dorothy Malone

Guideposts Classics: Dorothy Malone on God's Role in Our Lives

In this story from December 1966, Oscar-winning actress Dorothy Malone shares how, during a sudden health scare, the prayers of thousands of people across the country bolstered her faith and hastened her recovery.

A large, majestic snow angel on a bed of untouched snow.

The Snow Day Prayer

She followed her grandma's advice and woke up to an answered prayer.

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Author, pastor and civil rights leader Howard Thurman

The Divine Encounters of Howard Thurman, Civil Rights Pioneer

Author, theologian and educator Howard Thurman, who greatly influenced the civil rights movement in the United States, was led by divine guidance throughout his life.

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Author and earthquake survivor Viral Dalal

An Earthquake Survivor’s Lessons on Life and Loss

Viral Dalal shares how one of the worst earthquakes in history shifted his perspective on life.

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Dream imagery depicting a floating door that is wide open

How to Decipher Your Most Puzzling Dreams

Desiree Cole offers some tips for making sense of the confusing imagery in your dreams.

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