During hard times, such as parenting challenges, marital problems, illness, or financial struggles, we can all draw on deep sources of comfort and hope to help guide us forward.

Street cat

The Good ‘Cat’ Samaritans

The kind deeds of two neighborhood ladies who care for hungry kitties.

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Cat and chicken huddle together during fire

Cat and Chicken Help Each Other Survive California Wildfire

While the fire raged, two creatures found comfort in each other.

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Keeping hope alive

Tools to Keep Hope Alive

How faith, imagination and visualization can help you reach your goals.

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Carl Erskine

Carl Erskine’s Amazing Near-God Experience

The former Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher shares a spiritual story with a Peale family member.

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Pastor John Gray of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas

Pastor John Gray Speaks on Authenticity

Pastor John Gray of Houston's Lakewood Church speaks with Oprah Winfrey about the importance of authenticity and sincerity.

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joel osteen

Joel Osteen on How to Be Successful

Facing life's challenges one day at a time and finding a way to be grateful, says pastor and author Joel Osteen, are two key ways to lead a successful life.

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joel osteen

Joel Osteen on Why You Should Dream Big

Pastor and author Joel Osteen says that even when we think we've lost our dream, there are seeds of greatness in all of us.

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An outstretched hand offering BookBucks.

Someone Cares: Stop, Shop and Read

The kids at this school learn about smart spending and book recycling from this handy resource called the Bookstop.

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Legendary musician Aretha Franklin

Remembering Aretha Franklin: The Queen of Soul

Writer Brooke Obie remembers interviewing iconic singer and activist Aretha Franklin in 2013.

A blue basket full of assorted fresh muffins.

Someone Cares: Sweet Memories

He kept his wife's memory alive through her sweet treats.

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José (in blue shirt and vest) and fellow chef volunteers in Puerto Rico making sancocho

When Natural Disasters Strike, Chef José Andrés Works Culinary Miracles for the Hungry

When people are suffering, this top chef has a three-pronged plan of attack: Show up, spread the word and pray.

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José Andrés

A Chef's Call to Action Feeds Puerto Rico

José Andrés shows how one decision to help others after Hurricane Maria turned into a powerful act of everyday greatness.

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A woman walks on the path to take out a large garbage bin for her neighbor.

Someone Cares: Good Neighbor Policy

These small acts of kindness she does to help her neighbors out always makes them smile.

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