A Grandmother's Sweetest Gift

When it comes to a legacy, a grandmother knows her faith will be her grandchildren's greatest treasure.

Posted in , Dec 15, 2016

A grandmother's sweetest gift

One of my favorite days of the year falls on December 15 –National Cupcake Day! Cupcakes make me happy. I love the pillow-soft texture of the cake and the glorious sensation of frosting dancing across my tongue. Cupcakes are a thing of beauty at the bakery, lined up like colorful little soldiers sitting on the shelves.

Folks send me cupcake graphics, pictures of them eating cupcakes and recipes that they’ve discovered. I’ve received gifts of cupcake coffee mugs and Christmas ornaments, and one of my author friends even wrote me into one of her books as “Cupcake.”

And it seems I’ve passed the gene down to the next generation. All of my grandchildren love them, but my little granddaughter, Ava, is as crazy about cupcakes as I am. Her whole body comes alive when she sees one. When my husband and I take her on dates, she always wants to go to Whole Foods to buy one of their giant fancy cupcakes.

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I’m so happy I passed my love of cupcakes down to my grandchildren because it’s something we can enjoy together, but there are more important things that I want to leave them.

I hope that someday my grandchildren will say, “I’m glad Grandmama passed down her faith to us. I’m grateful she showed us the sweetness of Jesus.”

I want them to remember times we sat at church worshipping God together. I want them to remember that Paul and I were there for all of their Christmas and Vacation Bible School programs.

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I want to share the Bible verses that have been precious to me, to tell them stories of our family’s spiritual heritage—of how my husband and I came to know Jesus, of how He’s been a faithful God, of the desire of my heart that they and their children will always love and serve Him.

I want them to know that serving God is sweeter than any cupcake.

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