Angels dwell in so many places. Of course there are angels in the Bible, working miracles and representing God's grace to the world. Heaven is another dwelling place for angels, a place where they shine their blessings down upon us with love.

A Betty Crocker recipe of an Eskimo Igloo cake; Illustration by Aura Lewis

This Betty Crocker Cookbook Started a Lifelong Tradition

Her father helped her save green stamps to get the cookbook. She’s made the Eskimo Igloo cake for Christmas every year since then. 

Illustration of a woman looking up at a church; Illustration by Alex Green

A Heaven-Sent Angel Encouraged Her

She feared she was not up to her new job. Then she looked out her window. 

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An illustration of a cloud forming a parent and child; Illustration by Raul Colon

He Saw His Late Veteran Brother in the Clouds

The touching, heaven-sent image reassured him that angels were always watching over them.

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An illustration of angelic mushrooms; Illustration by Jacqui Langeland

Making Stuffed Mushrooms Became a Time-Honored Tradition

Things changed through the years, but this family recipe remained a Christmas constant—just like God’s grace. 

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An illustration of an angel enveloped in a winged heart; Illustration by Weitong Mai

6 Stories of Heaven-Sent Valentine Angels

From seeing soulmates in dreams to chance encounters, these testimonials remind us about the power of true love.

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Illustration of red gloves reading Friends Forever; Illustration by Marenthe

An Angelic Christmas Visit from Her Best Friend

Her happy spirit visited them just in time for the holidays.

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Her Santa Collection Comforted Her

Her Santa Collection Comforted Her

Her father played Santa every year. But their relationship was complicated.  

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Illustration of an angel hovering over a man; Illustration by Jonathan Bartlett

A Guardian Angel Saved His Life on Christmas Eve

He was anxious to get home to his wife for the holidays. But an ill-timed ice storm meant he almost didn’t make it.  

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Rick Hamlin; Photo credit: Jim Anness

Cutting Through the Chaos to Listen for God

He finds a way to embrace the endless distractions and to ultimately hear some angelic guidance from above. 

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An illustration of a dog with wings; Illustration by Daniel Long

This Winged-Dog Figurine Brought a Comforting Message

On a getaway to face his wife’s cancer diagnosis they found the trinket that reminded them they could face whatever lies ahead.  

An illustration of The Three Kings; Illustration by Eva Vazquez

This Christmas Angel Became a Source of Peace and Comfort

The heaven-sent voice let them know that God was with their young adult son as he passed away.  

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An illustration of a boy making a snow angel; Illustration by Michael Crampton

A Heaven-Sent White Christmas Miracle in the South

The miraculous white blanket appeared when he needed it the most.

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An illustration of two women on a bus; Illustration by Ricardo Bessa

How a Purple Tote Inspired Hope During The Holidays

She was feeling lonely and forgotten until an unexpected gift reminded her that it is better to give than to receive.  

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An illustration of a Nativity sculpture of Mary and Newborn Jesus; Illustration by Sylvie Fong

A Beloved Nativity Set is Returned After 34 Years

She thought the treasured family heirloom was gone for good. Then her prayers were answered.

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An illustration of angels in the washing machine; Illustration by Kim Johnson

A Special Heaven-Sent Laundromat Gathering

She found the secret ingredient that made Thanksgiving special despite the unusual circumstances.

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An illustration of an angel and devil beside a stocking; Illustration by Sophia Foster-Dimino

Her Brother’s Forgiveness Was the Best Christmas Present

She still felt guilty about a childhood Christmas prank. But when she came clean, she experienced the true spirit of the holiday season.

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