Angels dwell in so many places. Of course there are angels in the Bible, working miracles and representing God's grace to the world. Heaven is another dwelling place for angels, a place where they shine their blessings down upon us with love.

An illustration of a Nativity sculpture of Mary and Newborn Jesus; Illustration by Sylvie Fong

A Beloved Nativity Set is Returned After 34 Years

She thought the treasured family heirloom was gone for good. Then her prayers were answered.

An illustration of an angel and devil beside a stocking; Illustration by Sophia Foster-Dimino

Her Brother’s Forgiveness Was the Best Christmas Present

She still felt guilty about a childhood Christmas prank. But when she came clean, she experienced the true spirit of the holiday season.

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Rick Hamlin feeding baby Silas.

The Power of Choosing a Baby’s Name

As he contemplates becoming a two-time grandfather, Rick Hamlin looks to the Bible for angelic inspiration.

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An illustration of an angel on a playing card; Illustration by Salini Perera

This Game of Cards Taught Her a Divine Lesson

Playing with an elderly friend made her worry about aging and memory problems. Then she was reminded that angels are always watching.

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An illustration of an angel and a dog; Illustration by Mickey Paraskevas

An Ethereal Christmas Day Vision of Her Late Dog

She was mourning her beloved canine companion. Then an angel showed her that her pet was now joyous and free.

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Angel ornaments hung on a pinecone miniature tree; Illustration by Gisela Goppel

A Memorable Christmas Tree in Texas

They didn’t have much that year, but the little branch reminded them of the true spirit of the holiday season.

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An illustration of a sitting angel; Illustration by Nicole Xu

A Christmas Eve Blessing From the Angels

She had been so worried about her daughter’s hearing problems. Then an angelic light filled the house.

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J.P.;Photo credit: Jim Graham

Peace on Earth in the Parking Lot

He helped a stranger in a stalled car. But he soon realized that she helped him remember the true meaning of Christmas.

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An illustration of a Christmas goose; Illustration by Jackie Besteman

This Christmas Goose Kept Them Warm

The bird was supposed to be Christmas dinner. Then he protected them during a snowstorm.

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An illustration of angels in the washing machine; Illustration by Kim Johnson

A Special Heaven-Sent Laundromat Gathering

She found the secret ingredient that made Thanksgiving special despite the unusual circumstances.

An illustration of an angel carrying a box of donuts; Illustration by Aura Lewis

These Donuts Became a Divine Sign from Above

Her late son’s favorite treat helped others mend their broken hearts.

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An illustration of a regal angel; Illustration by © PHIL, I2IART.COM

5 Inspiring Stories of Holiday Angels

Whether it’s the miraculous return of a wedding ring or a mysterious gift giver, these heartwarming tales highlight the true meaning of Christmas.

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An illustration of two women on a bus; Illustration by Ricardo Bessa

How a Purple Tote Inspired Hope During The Holidays

She was feeling lonely and forgotten until an unexpected gift reminded her that it is better to give than to receive.  

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A headshot of a female angel; Illustration by Kim Ekdahl

This Heaven-Sent Tree Saved Her From the Storm

Her beloved honey locust warned her to flee from the danger.

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An angel descending into a backyard; Illustration by Kim Johnson

An Angel Watched Over Them For More Than a Decade

Seeing the heavenly being during his car accident restored her son’s faith.

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Angels intertwined with the number 707; Illustration by Carlos Zamora

How a Chance Phone Call Saved Her Life

She hadn’t talked to her brother in 30 years. Could she track him down to see if he was a donor match?

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