A Blue Angel at Her Baby's Bedside

A young mother sees a heavenly guardian watching over her infant son.

Posted in , Jun 18, 2012

An artist's rendering of an angel watching over an infant

Back when we were a young couple, my husband, Bill, and I shared a bedroom with our seven-month-old baby, Steve, who slept in a crib near our full-sized bed.

One night, as my family lay sleeping, I sensed someone in the room with us. I opened my eyes and saw an angel standing by Steve’s crib. He was tall, and his large wings filled half the room. His wings and robe glowed with a soft bluish light. He gazed at my sleeping son.

When I blinked, the angel was gone. Gone from my sight, perhaps, but ever near my child.

Later, cleaning around Steve’s crib, I saw a terrible sight—a black widow spider and her nest! I knew then why the blue angel had come.


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