A Champion Equestrian Gives Back

Following a miraculous recovery from a traumatic brain injury, Jennifer Field Miller now strives to help others in similar circumstances.

- Posted on Nov 16, 2018

Jennifer Field Miller

I loved riding horses as a kid, and earned a pile of blue ribbons in equestrian events. One day I’d compete in the Olympics! But a near-fatal car crash at age 17 left me with a traumatic brain injury that made my future uncertain.

My mom scoured the world to find the best treatments. Thanks to top-notch doctors and little-known therapies—and the many angels in my life—I graduated magna cum laude from college and today lead a full life. But what about people in my situation who didn’t have access to the kind of care I’d gotten?

In 2006 I started the J. Field Foundation for survivors who face the same challenges I did, and to provide them with hope and direction and funds for alternative therapies not covered by insurance.

Two years ago we pooled our resources with the Veterans Equine Therapeutic Services in Connecticut. We help support their programs for veterans suffering from TBIs, post-traumatic stress disorder and even loneliness.

I may no longer be an Olympic equestrian, but my love of riding gave me the competitive spirit I needed to get better. If I can help others experience the emotional and physical benefits of riding, I’ll be a winner.

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