A Christmas Angel Could Be Yours

A hand-embroidered angel on the cover of The Joys of Christmas 2017 will go to one lucky recipient.

Posted in , Nov 14, 2017

Win a Christmas angel

With the holiday season upon us (yay!), it’s time to tell you about this year’s edition (our ninth!) of Guideposts’ deluxe holiday publication, The Joys of Christmas 2017. You’re always my favorite audience to spread the good news to, because it’s a known fact that all angel lovers love Christmas too. And guess what’s on the 2017 cover—an angel. How happy are we?

Not just any angel, a Christmas angel hand-embroidered for us by artist Sarah Cline, who has been doing this exacting work for a dozen years. Patience is a virtue, for sure, in this art form. “Every square inch represents hours of work,” Sarah told us. The cover piece took her three solid days of effort. We were there behind the scenes with our videographer, and you can watch Sarah work on her Guideposts assignment here:

Sarah loves embroidering everyday objects—a slice of blueberry pie on a plate, for example. She likes getting the shading and shadows just right. When Sarah sent in the finished cover angel, its cloth canvas still set in the embroidery hoop, I couldn’t stop running my fingers over the folds in the angel’s gown.

How I wished you all could see the individual stitches on the original piece....

Wait. One of you can! We will send as our gift the original, one-of-a-kind, exclusive Joys of Christmas 2017 embroidered angel to one lucky recipient. Click here to enter our giveaway by providing your name, street address and email. Deadline to enter is December 8, 2017. Merry Christmas, from Sarah and all of us at Angels on Earth! I can’t wait to see who gets Sarah’s angel.

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