A Christmas Angel With Perfect Timing

Sometimes you need to sit and wait for the right time to give, and receive, an angel. 

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A Battenburg lace angel

My birthday month is winding down, and I’m still getting cards from you after mentioning my July 17 birthday in an editor’s note. You actually make me feel excited to be another year older!

One card came with a lovely angel made of Battenburg lace, my favorite. The sender had quite a story for me too:

Dear Colleen,

My name is Lois Tucker from Huntertown, Indiana. I made this angel for you last Christmas with every intention of mailing it to you then. Time got away from me, and it has set in a corner in my bedroom ever since.

I just got the July/August issue and read your editorial. Now I know why I never mailed it. The angel was waiting for the just the right day to arrive: a Christmas angel in July. Happy birthday!

Lois’s story, “The Wedding Planner,” ran in the July/August 2007 issue of Angels on Earth. She continues to plan and sew for weddings, but has slowed her business down to concentrate on 13 grandchildren.

She’s sewing closer to home these days: I have been remaking Mom’s and Grandma’s wedding dress over for the new brides. Just a couple a year, but it is something I really like to do.”

I bet those brides are as pretty as her Battenburg birthday angel. Many thanks, Lois, and all my other well-wishers too. xo

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