A Crazy New York City Miracle

An iPhone, a subway track and, well, a miracle.

Posted in , Oct 20, 2015

A miracle on a New York City subway platform

“I have the craziest story ever to tell you!!” my sister Priscilla texted me the other day around 7 p.m. A miracle too detailed to type out, she said.

Well, how could I not be intrigued? As soon as I got home, Priscilla launched into the tale. She’d been waiting for the uptown subway on West 72nd Street after work, reading a book on her iPhone. The train arrived, but before the doors opened, Priscilla’s phone tumbled out of her hands. She watched in disbelief as it fell right through the gap between the subway platform and the train, landing just an inch from the train’s wheels.

Diana Aydin's sister, Priscilla, reunited with her phone.“Oh no!” Priscilla gasped. The commuters surrounding her had the same reaction. New York rule #3058: there’s no saving anything that falls into the dark abyss of the subway tracks.

“Don’t worry,” a man nearby said. “The phone didn’t land on the rail, so the train won’t crush it. An MTA worker can help you get it out.”

Who’d watch her phone, though? The train was about to leave!

“We’ll stay here until you get help,” the two girls next to her volunteered. They didn’t mind waiting for the next train.

Priscilla searched high and low for an MTA employee, anyone who seemed “official.” But there was nobody on the uptown side of the terminal. So she raced to the downtown station across the street. Aha! A man sitting behind the glass of an information booth. There was a line of people waiting to speak to him.

She took her place in line, anxious and out of breath. What if he can’t even help me? she thought. It’s no use! I should just forget about it and get on the train. I’m never gonna get my phone back!

Another thought popped into her head. I wonder what God’s trying to teach me here…

At that moment, she turned and saw something strange on the opposite side of the subway turnstile. One of the girls who was supposed to be watching her phone. She was holding something out to Priscilla–a bright blue phone!

Priscilla couldn’t believe it. She ran to the girl, hugged her on the spot. “How in the world…?!”

Apparently, after Priscilla headed for help, a young man had approached and offered the girls assistance. Without any warning, he jumped onto the subway tracks and retrieved the phone! He climbed back onto the platform, handed them the phone and vanished.

“Who was he?” Priscilla said. The girl shook her head. She had no idea.

Now I don’t know about you, but it sounds to me like this incident has God written all over it.

What do you think? And what’s your answer to Priscilla’s question–what was God trying to teach her? Share your theories below!

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