A Divine Daisy

A widow is comforted when she receives an unexpected floral gift from her late husband.

- Posted on Feb 13, 2014

A daisy poking out amid a field of mums

It was an unusually hot evening, so I filled up my watering can at the sink. Better give the houseplants some extra moisture, I thought. I should go water the plants at Bill’s memorial too.

My husband had been a superintendent with the schools before passing away two months ago. The district’s schoolbus drivers had planted two trees near the bus garage in his honor. I’d added a bench, and two mum plants. I didn’t want them to wilt in the heat.

On the drive over I thought how surprised Bill would have been that I chose mums for his bench. Daisies were my flower. Bill gave them to me for birthdays and anniversaries and for just about any special occasion. But I thought mums would be hardier and more eye-catching for his memorial.

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Besides, daisies were his special gift to me, not the other way around.

When I got to the garage and approached the bench, I was the one who was surprised. A pristine daisy was sticking out of the grass in front of Bill’s bench!

I watered the mums and “my” daisy. It wasn’t my birthday or anniversary, but a special occasion after all.


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