A Feast Fit for Angels

Angels made in honor of those who feed and nourish their families year after year.

Posted in , May 11, 2016

Angels in the kitchen.

When we went to the home of seasoned chef and cookbook author Rebecca Katz to do the food shoot for her Avocado Citrus Salad featured in the May/June issue of Angels on Earth, the art director noticed an angel plaque hanging in the kitchen. Two butter knives criss-crossed for wings, a spoon for a head and a worn wooden-handle body, all set atop a vintage cheese grater.

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The artist, JoAnne Hunot, wrote on the back of her adorable creation:

“The Angels I make are in honor of mothers, grandmothers, sisters and girlfriends; the women who are beside us as we go through life. Through them, I feel God’s presence and love.  My plaques are constructed from discarded items I find at thrift stores, antique alleys and garage sales.  Many were items which women used in their daily lives for work and chores.  They represent countless hours spent preparing meals, washing dishes, caring for children, baking for special occasions and forming family traditions.  A deep commitment can be felt in these simple things."

In JoAnne’s words, I can taste my grandmother’s stewed okra, my mother’s red beans, my sister’s shrimp stew, my girlfriend’s jalapeno-stuffed olives, my daughter’s madeleines. Rebecca and JoAnne have presented me with a feast fit for angels.

Remarkable evidence that angels walk among us

The Best Angels Stories 2016 tell us about God’s heavenly messengers through wondrous firsthand accounts of spine-tingling rescues…mysterious voices that come seemingly from nowhere…helping hands that rescue people from danger and then disappear…and so much more.

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