A Fresh Face at Angels on Earth

A new editorial assistant is eager to hear your angel stories.

Posted in , Jun 1, 2016

Send Angels on Earth magazine your story about seeing an angel.

Today’s guest blogger is Alexandria Bova.

I started my journey at Guideposts as an editorial intern. As that internship came to a close 6 months ago, I was sad to be leaving a team that felt like family. The stories I was exposed to–your stories–truly brought me closer to God.

I recently finished my master’s degree at New York University, and a couple weeks before graduation, learned of an editorial assistant position at Angels on Earth. I jumped at the chance!

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I sent in my resume, keeping my fingers crossed that Editor in Chief Colleen Hughes remembered me and my contributions to the Wednesday morning editorial meetings where the staff pitches stories for possible publication. In my very last Wednesday morning meeting, I’d pitched an Angels story. I hoped that was a good sign. 

Thankfully it was–and what timing! I was welcomed back to Guideposts with open arms, and could not feel more blessed to be a part of a fantastic team of editors. I look forward to working with you too, and hearing all about your angel encounters.

In fact, send your story to Angels on Earth, and I may pitch it at our next Wednesday morning meeting! Help me to do the best job that I can.

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