A Guardian Angel for Her Travels

Angels are always traveling with us, no matter our destination.

Posted in , May 2, 2013

Angels on Earth editorial assistant Kelly P. Gallagher

Today’s guest-blogger is Angels on Earth editorial assistant Kelly P. Gallagher.

Museums and historical landmarks are always fun, but this past weekend I was in the mood for an offbeat adventure. So a college friend, Allison, and I drove into the Catskill Mountains to check out the world’s largest kaleidoscope.

I know, I know... that might seem a little strange! But the idea of seeing the world’s largest anything was appealing. Allison and I headed westward from her hometown of Kingston, New York, and entered the sleepy mountains.

It had been a while since I’d driven to a strange place, and I was nervous—those winding roads are notoriously tricky! I hoped there was a little angel riding with us on the dashboard as we made our way down Route 28.

Finally we reached the hamlet of Mount Tremper and found the kaleidoscope. I was afraid it would be a gimmick—too hokey to be worth the trip. But it was pretty cool. Guests actually walk inside what looks like a converted silo and lie down on special chairs to watch a 10-minute color show. There is even music to correspond with the swelling colors and spinning fractals. Definitely unique!

“That was fun,” I said to Allison. “But now we have to make our way back. Ugh, I don’t know if I can get in the car again so soon.”

“Well, there’s a gift shop here,” she said. “And an antique store. Let’s look around.”

If I just walked around a little before getting back in the car, I could face the drive back. But it was getting late, and the curvy, unfamiliar roads would be even scarier in the dark. Then I saw her—a stone angel standing in the hallway of the gift shop. She was holding out a little bowl as if to say, “Give your worries to me. I’ll take them away. And take care of you.”

Of course. How could I forget? Angels are always traveling with us, no matter our destination. 

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