A Heavenly Vision by the Pool

She thought her life was ordinary but a peculiar vision reminded her otherwise.

Posted in , May 29, 2019

A close up of a pool as chair line the poolside.

What better way to spend a free afternoon than sitting in the sun by the pool? It wasn’t often I had a day with nothing to do. Nothing going on. Nothing special to be ready for. My day off stretched out like the still water before me. Not even a breeze to stir the surface.

I shifted in my lounge chair, gazing out at the line of 70-foot-tall sweet gum trees that lined the property, until I let my eyes fall shut. I couldn’t remember the last time I felt so relaxed and gave myself over to the peacefulness. A gentle rustling in the distance grew louder. Was a storm coming? Strange, since the sky was perfectly blue when I’d closed my eyes. I opened them again to those beautiful trees.

There was no storm brewing, no wind rustling the trees. The sky was still perfectly blue. But walking along the treetops were two rows of people. Giant people. Not marching in a rigid military fashion, but walking with purpose nonetheless.

I blinked. Blinked again. Shifted in my chair. Ran through all the explanations for what I could be seeing. None of them made sense. Bright sun in my eyes or a reflection off the pool water wasn’t enough to create a vision like this.

The figures were very clearly defined, though I couldn’t make out a lot of details. A woman in a long, flowing skirt turned her head and looked in my direction. Fear shot through my chest when her eyes nearly met mine. There was nothing hostile about her manner. She didn’t seem to notice me at all. But the sight of her was so incredible, so awesome, it sent my heart pounding.

I don’t think they can see me. I thought as I watched them pass. They had their own business to attend to while I relaxed by the pool. It was as if, for some reason I couldn’t begin to guess, I had been given a glimpse into their world while they remained unconcerned with mine.

The figures continued their path along the treetops until they disappeared. Just faded to nothing as if they’d never been there. The sound of wind died away. Once more I was alone by the pool. I pressed a hand to my chest. Why had I been graced with this heavenly vision? If not for the rush of adrenaline I could still feel speeding up my heart I might have thought I’d imagined the whole thing. I was at a loss to put meaning to it.

Summer turned to fall. My life was as ordinary and busy as always. I didn’t think about the vision so much anymore. But every once in a while, especially during my morning prayers, I remembered that giant figure turning her face to mine, and the wonder of what I’d seen was stirred up again.

That sunny day by the pool seemed years away as I got out of bed one winter morning. I poured myself a coffee and settled down with my Bible. I turned to the Book of Samuel. King David was asking God whether he should go to war against the Philistines. The Lord’s response sent a jolt through me. A rush of fear and awe. The meaning of the words hadn’t even sunk in before my heart was pounding in my chest: “It shall be, when you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the balsam trees, then you shall act promptly, for then the Lord will have gone out before you!”

On one particularly relaxing day, the Lord had shown how angels always go before me, occupied with holy business beyond my understanding. I’d thought I was living an ordinary, usually busy life, but with God all days—all lives—are truly extraordinary.

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