A Treasured Relic Recovered

A Treasured Relic Recovered

She thought she'd lost the statue's hand for good, but an earth angel came to her rescue.

An artist's rendering of the statue's detached hand

Vacuuming one day I knocked my beloved statue of Jesus right to the ground, and one of his porcelain hands broke clean off. When I bent down to retrieve it the vacuum hose sucked it up!

Our home is equipped with a central vacuum system, with outlets in every room. Debris is sucked through tubes in the walls and travels to a collection box in the basement. I ran down to search it–but there was no hand to be found.

I imagined the complicated tubing system hidden in the walls. Jesus’ hand was lost for good.

Weeks later a pair of panty hose wound up in the vacuum. Those didn’t make it into the collection box either. Worried they might block up the system I called the repair company. I followed the repairman to the basement. He showed me a lever on the wall I’d never noticed.

When he pulled it, a larger collection box opened up. Dust, feathers, panty hose, socks–all manner of missing objects flew out.

“We’ve lived here nine years and I never knew that was there!”

“So I see!” the repairman joked on his way out. I sifted through the mess. Twenty minutes later I held Jesus’ hand in mine!

When I went to glue the hand back on, I picked up the statue and read the words printed on the base: “I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not be afraid.” I may temporarily lose Jesus’ hand, but Jesus himself is never truly lost to me.


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