An Angel Who Lifted My Spirits

I was feeling impatient and overwhelmed with deadlines. Then I saw a picture of an angel that put a smile on my face.

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I got back to work on Monday this week feeling overwhelmed with deadlines. I logged into my computer. The last thing I felt like doing was dealing with the big block of unopened emails staring me boldly (literally) in the face. If I didn’t get to my real work, no one else would.

I answered a couple of business questions, heard from a reader-turned-friend, then clicked to open an image sent by a coworker. Not that I had time to wait for it to download! I turned to my desk to multitask while I waited and glanced over my shoulder at the screen. Here’s what I saw:

Colleen Hughes Millie

That was my office, my sofa, my angel pillow...and Edward Grinnan’s dog, Millie! He’d spent some time in the office over the weekend, I guessed. He was extra busy these days too. While he worked in his office, Millie came to mine to help me out with some angel work. And can’t you see what an angel she is. An angel who lifted my spirits.

If Edward could take time out of a busy work weekend to put a smile on my face, the least I could do was have patience to answer my emails and download images. Maybe no one was doing my work for me, but a man and his best friend had worked to make my work seem easier.

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