An Angelic Messenger

Something told her to bring two cloth angels on her first visit to a new church.

Posted in , Feb 24, 2015

A pair of pink and blue angels

A big ol’ Texas-style Easter Mass? Count me in! St. Mary’s Catholic Cathedral in Amarillo was an hour from Borger, our small town, but my husband, Mervin, and our son, Vinay, and I couldn’t wait to make our first trip there.

Just as we were about to leave, a thought stopped me in my tracks: Take two angels.

I had a stockpile of little fabric angels. Reminders that God was with me, always. But why would I bring some to a church I’d never been to? Take two angels with you. There it was again! I grabbed two of my angels, dropped them in my bag, and hurried out.

St. Mary’s was spectacular. Hundreds of parishioners, an altar lined with pastel-colored lilies, a large harmonious choir. During the procession into church, a brunette woman in a denim skirt breezed by me.

Give the angels to her. Another thought, as insistent as the first had been.

Okay, Lord. I’ll give both the angels to her. But she’ll have to approach me, and Mervin and Vinay can’t be nearby. I didn’t want them to think I’d gone crazy!

The priest invited someone from each household to come up for a vial of holy water. Vinay went up with Mervin...and the brunette woman walked toward the exit, passing me on her way.

I quickly handed her the angels. “Why give them to me?” she said. “I’m not sure,” I admitted. “Only God knows why.”

Tears welled in her eyes. “He certainly does,” she said. “I’m on my way to visit my parents, both in the hospital, and this morning I asked God for a sign he was watching over them. Now I know they each have an angel by their side.”

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