An Angel's Words of Comfort

A grieving sister is reassured after her brother's death.

Posted in , May 23, 2016

How an angel comforted a grieving sister.

Two people close to me lost loved ones in the last week, husbands and fathers in their early 50s. I wondered how those families would cope. And then I read a story sent to Angels on Earth by Joni L. Trompak of Barrackville, West Virginia.

Joni’s brother, Mike, 52, was discharged from the hospital on Christmas Eve and put on a strict diet and medication to treat a blockage in his heart. Joni and her husband, Steve, would stick to their original plan: They would make the six-hour drive to Kingsport, Tennessee, on the 26th so they could celebrate Christmas with Mike and his wife, Kent, on the 27th. Out of the blue, during the drive, Kent called and asked if they could possibly arrive in time to meet for dinner at the Longhorn Steakhouse. They could.

Mike pulled his sister in a big hug at the restaurant. When she broke away, he wrapped his arms around her one more time.

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After a wonderful dinner, Kent insisted everyone come back to the house to admire the tree. Joni snapped a picture of Mike to put in her contacts. She’d just gotten a new phone. Mike had never taken a better picture. It was his last. Not 15 minutes later, he complained of ringing in his ears, clutched his heart and took his last breath.

Joni pleaded with God. She wanted to talk to her brother just one more time. In the span of three months, Joni had two dreams.

In the first dream, Mike appeared to her, sitting in the chair he died in. “Joni, you need to stop frettin’ about me,” he said. “I’m fine.” They talked about old times when they were growing up, vacationing together when their own kids were little–until Mike asked his sister to walk him “home.” They linked arms and strolled to the cemetery three miles from his house. Mike stood on his grave, a glorious light shone from above, and he disappeared.

Angels flew around in the sky in Joni’s second dream. She motioned for one to come close and said, “Tell my brother that I miss him and I love him.” The angel’s face brightened with happiness. “We just love your brother. He is so funny!”

“God is in control and with us at all times, especially the most troubling,” Joni wrote in her cover letter. “I just want to tell my story in hopes that it will be helpful to someone.” Thank you, Joni, you’ve started with me.

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