An Animal Angel Named Sugar

The remarkable survival story of a white cat named Sugar, who surely had a sweet guardian angel of her own.

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Animal Angel Sugar, the Miracle Cat

I heard a pretty amazing animal angel story at the gym the other day. A white cat named Sugar fell out the open window of her owner’s apartment on the 19th floor—and survived! Without any serious injuries! Just some minor bruising to the cat’s lungs.

For the very relieved owner, it was a call to action: Install window screens! The story had me checking my upstairs screens at home, to be sure they were secure for the sill-sitting our cats, Princess and Luna, will do all spring and summer.

Apparently when cats fall from great heights, they have time to “relax.” They actually spread their legs out in a flying squirrel position and sort of parachute down more slowly, which makes for a safer fall. Experts say cats have a better chance of surviving a fall from higher than nine stories.

But 19 stories? That could be a couple of hundred feet! I guess this is really more of a guardian angel story, because Sugar surely had one. At least that’s what this expert says.

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