An Early Easter Card from an Australian Angel

More proof that Angels on Earth has the best readers ever, near and far!

Posted in , Mar 9, 2016

A loving and early Easter card from an Angels on Earth reader.

This morning’s mail brought me an early Easter card from my favorite reader in Australia, Fiorella Di Mito. She’s handmade all the cards she’s sent since we’ve become acquainted, each one bursting with angels. The prayer she wrote inside today’s is dedicated to the Angels on Earth staff, but I had to share her lovely words with you:

“As we celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection, may the voices of the holy angels resound in our hearts as they sing: Hosanna, Jesus is risen! And may their love and the love of Jesus, of God the Father and the Holy Spirit be with us all always, in every circumstance of our lives. Happy Easter!”

Fiorella signed off, “With affection from Down Under xx.” Angels on Earth has the best readers ever, both near and far.

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