An Earth Angel's Generous Gift

A married couple hoping for matching red jackets see their wish granted in unlikely fashion.

- Posted on Sep 26, 2014

A sparkling white pickup truck

After months of collecting points, my husband, Matt, and I finally had enough to get a pair of matching jackets at the general store. They were bright red with an old-time sheriff logo on the front. But when we went in to redeem our points, the clerk had bad news.

“We only had twenty-five and they went fast. All we have left is one.” He held up a jacket in Matt’s size.

“I don’t want to get one if you can’t,” Matt said. “The whole point was to have matching jackets.”

“If I’m meant to have one, it will come along,” I said. “All things are possible...” I insisted Matt buy his.

Matt bought his jacket, but I had little hope of finding another like it. The next day we ventured over to a neighboring town to buy groceries. As we got out of the car I noticed a young man striding across the parking lot.

He had a cherubic face, ruddy cheeks and a head full of dark ringlets. But what really got my attention was his red jacket. It was just like Matt’s, same style, same color, same logo.

“Would you be willing to sell us that jacket?” Matt asked when he got close.

With a grin the young man handed it right over. Now my husband and I both had jackets that fit perfectly! “Have a nice day,” he said, and we did. That guy pulled out of the parking lot in a sparkling white pickup truck. What else would an angel drive?


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