An Unexpected Earth Angel

A simple compliment from an everyday angel—what a nice start to my day!

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Angels on Earth blogger Colleen Hughes

It’s early in the day, but I’ve already had an encounter with an earth angel!

To you it might seem like a little thing, and I’m the first to admit it’s a vanity thing, but lately I’ve been missing the red hair of my youth. Now I probably haven’t had red hair for a dozen years, and not until recently did I ever even think much about it. But I can’t do my weekly grocery shopping these days without stopping to browse at the wall of Miss Clairol boxes, all those pretty faces staring out at me, all that luxurious hair. Was it time to start dying mine? Did I want to? How to choose a color? Could I really do it myself? Or would I wind up making a real mess? My grocery list is always too long for me to stand there waiting for Miss Clairol (or my guardian angel) to clarify things. Into the next aisle I go, but my uncertainty lingers.

Walking to work this morning, I can’t say my hair was on my mind. In fact, I was thinking about the lineup of my day. I’d read my Angels on Earth mail, do some editing, meet with the art director and of course it’s Wednesday, so I’d write my blog.

I stopped at the light a couple of blocks from the office and fumbled around in my purse for my key card. “Excuse me,” the woman waiting next to me said. “Your hair is just beautiful. It really looks great!” She took me by such surprise, I could hardly thank her before she strode across the street with the changing light.

A simple compliment from an everyday angel—what a nice start to my day! My trip to the grocery won’t take nearly as long this weekend. I’ll be skipping the beauty aisle altogether. Later, Miss Clairol!

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