Angel on a Train

A quick exchange with a stranger brightens a morning commute.

Posted in , Jun 8, 2016

Angel on a train brightens a morning commute.

I woke to a glorious day, unusually chilly for June in New York, despite the full sunshine. What must the angels have in store? I wondered, and threw on a cotton sweater for good measure. Checking my outfit in the full length mirror, I tied a nautical scarf around my neck. In my white corduroys, I looked like I was ready for a cool sail rather than the workday. I wished!

The commuter train was crowded as usual, and I excused myself to the pony-tailed young woman on the aisle to take the empty middle seat. She got up to let me pass, and I settled in and pulled out my newspaper.

“Hey, look,” the young woman said, “we’re wearing almost the same thing.”

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She was right! “Twinsies,” I said, though she was probably half my age. We laughed. Maybe it’s a little thing, but there’s nothing I like more than a passing interaction with a total stranger, the more different from me, the better.

I opened my paper, the young woman went back to scrolling on her phone. The train rolled out along the river to the next station, the sun sparkling on the Hudson. Yep, it was a glorious day, and my “twin” and I would sail through it. 

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