Angel Sightings

Angel Sightings

Angels are everywhere. We encounter them daily, carved on the side of buildings; spotted in a cloud formation or fountain; in paintings, flowers and gravestones. Look around. They’re hovering near. 

  • Sister Violet Ann Bloomer's computer-generated renderings of angels

    Fractal Angels

    Fractals are a computer-generated art form, a manipulation of triangular shapes to make a symmetrical picture. A fractal is a never-ending pattern, much like a kaleidoscope. I found the program online. Once I got the hang of it, fractal art became a wonderful way to relax and create beautiful designs. This one, called “Angels Watching Over You,” is my favorite. Why? Because I know it’s true.—Sister Violet Ann Bloomer, Syracuse, New York

  • A photograph of Mary and Baby Jeus with a pair of angels taken at Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows

    Stained Glass Angels

    Chicago’s Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows exhibition on Navy Pier was a must-see for my husband and me when we were in the Windy City for our anniversary. I hadn’t expected all of the magnificent angels! If I had to pick a favorite, it would be this depiction of the Virgin Mary and Jesus bracketed by two adoring angels. I snapped the picture and immediately realized I had found my next Christmas card.—Jennifer Clark Vihel, Bayside, California

  • A young woman poses in front of a pair of Erica Group's painted wings

    Painted Wings

    The very first set of wings I drew on the doors of The West Volusia Beacon newspaper office in DeLand, Florida, were done in chalk (and with permission, of course). Summer rain washed them away. Another set was brought back by popular demand, though, this time with weatherproof paint. Those wings became a social-media sensation. Find me, and lots of people posing with my wings, on Twitter: #delandwings. Come visit!—Erica Group, DeLeon Springs, Florida

  • Rebecca Katz's Kitchen Implement Angel

    Kitchen Angel

    I was in a little shop in the tiny town of Cambria on the coast of California when I saw this angel made out of tools like the ones my Nana used to cook with. Her kitchen was a magical place, and Nana was an inspiration. Today I’m a seasoned chef and cookbook author, but I like to think that this kitchen angel and my Nana in heaven are what keep the sauce from burning on the stove. Even the best chefs need help.—Rebecca Katz, San Rafael, California

  • An angel appears in a cross-section of shaggy bark juniper wood

    Juniper Angel

    At the age of 56, retired from teaching and office work, I decided to try my hand at wood carving. I learned to use chain saws, angle grinders and die grinders. Twenty years later, I’m still at it. My favorite part is that first cut into a piece of raw wood. That’s when I find out what unique patterns and colors are inside. Like the day I cut a piece of shaggy bark juniper and discovered this angel waiting within.—Paula Dimit, Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • Guideposts: A picture of Kate Norris' embroidered take on an illuminated Bible

    Embroidered Angel

    When I met my husband he was in California finishing his dissertation in art history and I was living in New York. I passed the time until we could live in the same place by embroidering a picture based on one of the thirteenth-century illuminated Bibles he studied. It took him longer than it took me, but finally we both were finished. My favorite part? The angel handing him his diploma.—Kate Norris, Teaneck, New Jersey

  • Guideposts: An angel appears in the clouds at twilight over Northport, Alabama

    Northport Angel

    The sun was setting over Wildcat Stadium, where my son’s football team was playing their last game of the season. I hoped it could end on a high note. On the road, my newly licensed daughter was driving to a student ambassadors event. Both kids need your attention tonight, Lord, I thought, looking up. That’s when my dad pointed out this angel above us in the clouds. My daughter arrived safe, and my son was victorious.—Melinda Lake, Northport, Alabama

  • Guideposts: An angel's form appears in the northern lights over Saskatchewan, Canada

    Anglin Lake Angel

    Anglin Lake in Canada is a favorite place to vacation for my husband and me. Most people wait until summer to visit, but we go later in the year, when the days are cold and peaceful. One night, with the place all to ourselves, we set up a few lawn chairs in a clearing to watch the aurora borealis—the northern lights. That’s when this angel suddenly rose up among the stars. And we were right there to see it!—Tami Zurakowski, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada

  • Guideposts: Streaming water in a contemporary fountain resembles an angel

    Vancouver Angel

    Downtown Vancouver is a treasure chest for a shutterbug like me. Strolling through Granville Loop Park with my digital camera one afternoon, I finally stopped at a fountain sculpture. Sunlight reflecting off water always made for a nice shot. I circled the fountain, snapping pictures from every conceivable angle—until one revealed quite a hidden treasure!—Patrick Chin, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

  • Bolognese painting of an angel tilling the fields while Saint Isidore attends Mass

    Tilling Angel

    Saint Isidore was a Spanish farmer who lived between the eleventh and twelfth centuries. According to tradition he prepared for work by attending morning Mass. When others criticized him for preferring this act of piety to the tilling of his fields, he won the admiration of even his detractors because at that very hour when he was in prayer, an angel was seen doing Isidore’s farm work. In this anonymous Bolognese painting, we see him in worship while outside an angel is taking his place behind a team of oxen.—Timothy Verdon, author of Art & Prayer: The Beauty of Turning to God

  • A cluster of oysters and barnacles in the shape of an angel

    Oyster Angel

    My brother and sister-in-law threw a family BBQ at their new house on Puget Sound. My niece discovered quite a welcoming sight nestled in the rocks along the beach. Clusters of oysters and barnacles aren’t uncommon to these sparkling waters, but what a lovely occasion to see a group of them in this inspiring shape.—Mary Michael Garlichs, Lacey, Washington

  • A halved orange reveals an angel

    Orange Angel

    When my nine-year-old son, Gabriel, was diagnosed with a kidney problem, I didn’t know how we would cope. I worried while I lay in bed at night and when I woke up in the morning—even as I cut up an orange for Gabriel’s lunch. As half the fruit fell away, I found this angel staring back at me. An angel for Gabriel, and peace of mind for me.—Terisa Tuffin, Lindfield, England

  • The angel on NYC's Bethesda fountain on a snowy day

    Angel of the Waters

    The Bethesda Fountain has stood in Central Park since 1864, to commemorate the year that fresh water came to New York City. What better symbol of the new water system than the Angel of the Waters from the Gospel of John, sculpted by Emma Stebbins. The Bethesda Fountain angel graced the back cover of Angels on Earth’s premiere issue in 1995.

  • A Los Angeles mural depicting a pair of angels flying together

    City of Angels

    Finally, I'd earned my master's degree in archival studies. But now I had to go out and start my career. What if I couldn’t make it work? The day before graduation I took a walk to calm my nerves. I wound up running into this huge pair of angels. “We are each of us angels with one wing,” the words above them read. “We can only fly embracing each other.” I couldn’t predict what would happen post-graduation, but I knew how I’d make things work out—with friends, family and God to help me.—Alexandra McNish, Los Angeles, California

  • The angel over the water that comforted Allison Churchill

    Angel of Encouragement

    Things were feeling a little hopeless after I got my master’s in journalism at NYU. Months of searching, and I wasn’t any closer to landing my dream job. I took a weekend trip to the beach to clear my head. While wandering the boardwalk, I spotted this angel over the water. I knew it was a sign for me to keep at it. And a month later, I did find my dream job–here at Guideposts! —Allison Churchill, contributing editor

  • The angel Kristy spotted in a plank in her backyard fence

    Plank Angel

    We’d been living in our new house for days, but I wished there was a way I could know for sure we’d made the right decision. I was inside unpacking dishes, and my husband was outside putting up a wood fence. He popped his head into the kitchen. “Kristy, come and see this,” he said. Out in the yard he pointed to one of the planks. Embedded in the wood was an angel. This was definitely the house for us.—Kristy Chism, Lincoln, Nebraska

  • A Matilija poppy that resembles a waving angel

    Waving Angel

    My husband and I are avid cyclers, and our favorite place to bike is the Santa Ana River Trial in Southern California. We went this past June especially to see the Matilija poppies in bloom. We didn't expect to be greeted by this little angel beside the bike path. Looks like she is waving hello!—Penny Braund, Corona, California

  • A watch with angel wings

    Tick-Tock Angel

    There was plenty of time before I had to meet my friend in the city one winter day, so I ducked into a store to warm up while I waited. Inside on display I noticed a watch with angel wings. If only I had a pair of wings, I thought, I’d fly off to warmer weather! Looking at the watches, I remembered the “rule” for daylight saving time–spring forward, fall back. Fall was far behind me, but spring was just around the corner. I felt warmer already.—Audrey Razgaitis, Montclair, New Jersey


  • Sharpless 2-106, the angel-shaped nebula

    Space Angel

    "Space—the final frontier," they call it on Star Trek. Recently I was exploring space right from my home computer. A few clicks brought me to Sharpless 2-106, the angel-shaped nebula. The orbiting ring of dust and gas forms the angel body. The wings are created by the heat emanating from the large, young star at the center. Space may be earth's final frontier, but I was reminded of the heavens beyond that waited unexplored.—Kelly Gallagher, Middletown, New York

  • Kathy's shadow angel

    Shadow Angel

    Spending time outside on the porch was my favorite way to relax—until my husband, Ron, set up a hummingbird feeder in the yard. The birds flitted here, there and everywhere, chirping constantly. Their restlessness made me crazy! So much for peace, I thought one morning. Then I noticed the feeder’s shadow created the perfect angel on the pavement. I guess those restless creatures do have a peaceful side!—Kathy Keeley Anderson, Wautoma, Wisconsin

  • Ingo Maurer's Birdie's Nest

    Glowing Angel Wings

    I was taking a walk with a coworker on my lunch break when we spotted this unique chandelier hanging in a store window. I love the little wings! I thought.I have to get a photo. Later that night over dinner I showed the pictures to an interior decorator friend. 'That's by my favorite lighting designer, Ingo Maurer,' she said. 'It's called Birdie's Nest, and it's made with real goose feathers.' They sure looked like angel wings to me.—Olga Jakim, Cold Spring, New York

  • A cactus angel in Arizona

    Cactus Angel

    Last May, I took a trip to see my son and daughter-in-law's new home in Arizona. After I got settled, I stepped outside to take in the landscape, so different from my home in North Dakota. Autumn sage, Acacia trees and—what was that? A cactus in the shape of an angel! North Dakota or Arizona, angels are at home everywhere.—Marjorie Walter, Dickinson, North Dakota


  • Lillian's Oaken Angel

    Oaken Angel

    Moving can be stressful—I should know, I’ve done it more than a dozen times. But my latest move threatened to be too much. I sat on the floor amid boxes stacked around my antique oak desk. I just couldn’t face unpacking again. Then I looked up and saw the comforting angel wings carved into the old oak desk. Somehow, I’d never noticed them before! God and his angels were with me on this move, just like they’d been on all the others.—Lillian Brown, Rancho Mirage, California



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