Angel with Dirty Hands

Her son's missing dental retainer was in one of 50 garbage bags—but which one?

by - Posted on Aug 14, 2012

Roxanne's son Joey, age 10

“Mom, I lost my retainer!” my son, Joey, said to me over the phone one afternoon.

“Calm down,” I told him, although I was really talking to myself. “I’ll leave work early and come by the school. We’ll find it.” I’d do anything not to have to replace the expensive device.

“I took it out to eat lunch and set it on my tray,” Joey said when I got to the school. “I forgot it was there when I dumped my tray into the trash can.”

By the time Joey realized what he’d done, the whole school had been through the lunch line and the trash had already been taken to the dumpster. There were at least 50 garbage bags his retainer could be in.

I held my breath and started my search. Hours later I was frustrated, smelly and depressed. Still, I had a pile of trash bags to go through. Lord, we can’t afford a new retainer! Please let angels guide me.

I gathered my strength, reached for another full bag and carefully opened it up. There was the retainer, sitting on top of all that trash like it was waiting for me. Joey jumped for joy. I thanked the angel who wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty for a good cause.

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