Angels Assist Her in Singing Heaven's Music

Missing sheet music miraculously turns up as a mother shares her favorite song with her daughter.

Posted in , Apr 23, 2012

Sheet music placed on a lovely old piano

"I Saw the Swift Swallow Flying” has always been a favorite soprano solo of mine, so I was excited when my daughter, Jan, said she wanted to learn it herself. “I have so many memories of hearing you sing it while I was growing up,” she said one day on the phone. “It always lifts my spirits.”

Jan had been having trouble with her confidence lately. The song lyrics described taking flight, like a bird. That’s just what I wanted for my daughter: to soar through this life feeling strong and free. Jan planned to drive over in a few days to pick up my sheet music.

I got off the phone and went straight to the piano, humming to myself. I saw the swallow pass in the pure morning sky... I rifled through my sheet music. There was the first page, but where were the other six?

I checked inside the piano bench. I went through every piece of music in the house over the next couple of days, but with no luck.

“I looked everywhere,” I told Jan when she arrived. “I couldn’t find the music.” I walked her over to the piano to show her the lone piece of sheet music and gasped. There on the piano were all seven pages of “I Saw the Swift Swallow Flying,” perfectly in order.

Jan would soar higher than ever, and on angel’s wings.


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