Angels at Work on a Daughter’s Road Trip

An anxious mom is reassured as her daughter invites her to take a pause from worry.

Posted in , Jan 11, 2021

Angels on a road trip

"Look at this squirrel I saw in Oberlin!" my daughter Lulu texted this morning from her alma mater in Ohio. The rare white squirrel is the mascot of Oberlin College, despite anecdotal evidence that there are only four of them on campus. In the photo, one of them was in a tree right above her.

After taking her winter break at home in New York, Lulu was headed back to Chicago, where she teaches. I hated to think of her making the long drive alone, so she broke it up into two days, stopping overnight in Ohio. I tracked her progress on my phone all day, worrying. What relief when I saw the blue dot reach her destination, but we still had another day of travel ahead.

I answered Lulu's text with a flurry of questions. "Did you get a good night's sleep? What time are you getting on the road? Make sure your tracking is still on..."

"Mom," she said, "I'm good! Will you look at that squirrel!"

I did, again. And zoomed in on it. The rare white squirrel reminded me that there are angels watching over my daughter, tracking her every move with loving protection. Angels may be invisible but rare they are not. I had a perfect photo to comfort me during the last leg of her drive.

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