Angels of Light

Blogger Sophy Burnham shares the story of a woman who was suddenly surrounded—and protected—by the Light.

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Sometimes I receive letters from people recording their encounters with angels or musing on incidents in their lives so unusual that they don’t appear within the realm of ordinary life.

They are beyond the tangible, the physical world you see with your eyes or touch with your hands. And yet they are so powerful you cannot forget, deny or put them out of your mind. I shall tell some in upcoming blog postings. Remember them. Tuck them into your memory, for the meaning of the whole is more than each specific, slight, individual event.

Some of these are instances of what I call the Light. It sounds like almost nothing: a dark night, a dark room, yourself awakened out of sleep—to find yourself, the room—surrounded by a glowing light so warm and passionate that all you can do is lie in bed, the tears streaming down your face, until it fades and then is gone and you are left...transformed.

I’ll tell of one such tale: It happened to a woman, the vice president of a savings bank, a practical person, pragmatic and not easily ruffled. She returned from a Christmas party one night, a little apprehensive because her husband had not wanted her to go. She found him asleep and slipped in bed beside him grateful to have avoided an argument. Then she fell sleep.

At four in the morning, she woke up to find a bright light in the room. It hovered to her left and toward the ceiling. Her husband woke up too just then and accused her of coming home at that hour, at four in the morning. Despite his fury, he could not seem to approach her, as if he were pushed backwards. His wife felt utterly protected by the light. 

“I guess I’m really afraid of him,” she wrote.

“I know there are spirits in our home,” she continued, “good ones, protecting me. Often out of the corner of my eye I see a flash of light or feel a warmth. “I have seen my mother, she continued, “who has died.” 

What does it mean, this light?

Have you ever had such an experience? If so, please share it.

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