Angels Want Us to Play

A young woman's encounter with her childhood angel encourages us to laugh and play.

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Not long ago I was in Pennsylvania giving two workshops on spiritual matters (drawing on my celebrated book Book of Angels and my new book, The Art of Intuition).

While there, I heard a wonderful story that reminded me of the playfulness of angels. In one workshop, I gave several exercises on communicating with your angels, and afterward I asked the participants who had had difficulty and who had received answers to their questions. One hand shot up.

“I had the most extraordinary experience,” said a lovely young woman in red. “I was taken in your guided meditation to where I’d grown up as a child and where I’d played for hours on my tree-branch ‘horse.’ I loved my tree branch. We rode for miles and miles when I was little, my tree-branch horse and I. Other people thought it was just a branch, but to me it was a magical horse.

“In your exercise I saw an angel! I actually did! And she said that she’d been my angel with me when I was little. She was the tree-branch horse, playing with me, and now she’d come back. She loved to play.”

I smiled, remembering all the times that my own angels have told me (repeatedly, because I’m apparently “slow” to get the message) to “lighten up, let go.” They love to laugh with us, to play. I think this is why they are always telling us, “Don’t be afraid. Fear not! We’re taking care of things.” And then they tell us just to go have fun.

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