Celebrate Be an Angel Day!

Get ready to celebrate Be an Angel Day, which falls on August 22nd.

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Earth angels: Grandmother being helped by granddaughter

Be An Angel Day is a great excuse to do something kind for others.

Whose angel do you want to be? Do you want to help a family member, friend, neighbor, co-worker or a stranger of the human or animal variety? Here’s a list of resources offering tons of great ideas:

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, a non-profit started in 1995, is a great resource for anyone committed to spreading kindness; it has plenty of free educational and community ideas.

Yes, the Great Kindness Challenge is August 14, which may have passed depending on when you read this. But the site provides a super checklist of things you could do yourself, or with your kids.

This blog called Don’t Be Sad compiled 30 random acts of kindness ideas from fellow bloggers.

Want to be inspired by angels all over the world? Check out what’s going on with the World Kindness Movement.

Doing Good Together, in their aim to “encourage and equip families to volunteer together” gives project ideas and helpful tools for community service. 

Do you remember the film Pay It Forward with Kevin Spacey? It was based on a book of the same name by Catherine Ryan Hyde. And now it’s a movement to help students change the world in a positive way.

Cool People Care proves just that in many ways: sign up for their daily email of under-five-minute ways to do good. Or mine the website for more in-depth ideas in every interest.

Looking for gift ideas that give back? Check out Ebay’s World of Good, with hundreds of people- and eco-positive products.


Random Acts of Kindness is a great kids book provides stories of grace and suggestions for giving.

Grown-ups will love One Life to Give: A Path to Finding Yourself by Helping Others. We don’t want to give it away, but author Andrew Bienkowski learned about giving under extraordinary circumstances when he was just 5 years old.

Mark your calendar!

Guardian Angel Day: Oct. 2

World Kindness Day: November 13

World Kindness Week: November 8-14

Random Acts of Kindness Week: February 14-20, 2011

Download your free ebook Angel Sightings: 7 Inspirational Stories About Heavenly Angels and Everyday Angels on Earth.  

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