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An angel plays a vital role in one version of the legend of the Holy Grail, writes Meg Belviso.

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Colleen Hughes

Today's guest blogger is Angels on Earth Staff Editor Meg Belviso.

Every few months, Assistant Art Director Doug Snyder and I put together another video for our ongoing series "Illuminating Angels." It all starts with an idea. Not every idea becomes a video, but even the preliminary research is fascinating.

For instance, in one version of the story of the Holy Grail, Joseph of Arimathea asked the Roman authorities if he could prepare Jesus’s body for burial after his crucifixion. When Jesus was resurrected, Joseph was accused of taking the body. He was arrested and put in jail.

Joseph was given no food in prison. He would have died. But each day a white dove flew over his cell and dropped a single wafer into the cup that Joseph had with him–the same cup that Jesus had drunk from at the Last Supper.

Jesus appeared to Joseph in a vision and told him that it was up to him to keep the cup safe. When Joseph got out of jail he traveled west to Glastonbury, England. There was born the Grail Order, a line of knights who protected the Holy Grail until the time of King Arthur.

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