Do You See What I See?

A photograph of the sky over a church reveals more than just clouds.

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Clouds in the sky depicting angels.

Today I had the pleasure of being introduced to Steve and Lori Cohen of Petersburg, Virginia. Lori suffers from complex regional pain syndrome, but the couple works together to keep her from missing out.

“Since I’ve been bedbound,” Lori says, “Steve goes out and takes random pictures to show me the world.”

The other day, he brought her this picture. “I first saw one angel,” she says, “behind the cross. I outlined it and showed it to Steve.”

Here's the untouched photograph.

“Wait a minute,” he said. He hadn’t seen that angel but he outlined a completely different one, also behind the cross.

A friend of theirs looked at the photo and saw yet another angel. When Lori checked that one out, she saw a new angel she hadn’t seen before–and then her sister found another one. Lori was on a mission: She emailed the photo to even more friends. In the subject line, she wrote, “Do you see what I see?” They saw more angels

"It almost seems like they are being revealed to each person a little bit differently," Lori says. "Nothing like this has ever happened to me before, or to Steve. So I feel a big responsibility with this photo.

"Even though my faith has deepened tremendously in all the miracles God has brought to me, this photo tells me without a doubt that God is real, heaven is real, Jesus is real, angels are real–God reveals them to us in many ways.”

Well put, Lori! So tell us, how many angels do you see in Lori and Steve’s photo? Here's the marked-up version showing all the angels seen by Lori, Steve and their friends.

Have you seen the outlines of angels in unexpected places? Please share your story below!

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