Earth Angels Come Calling

When a cell phone lands in the toilet, earth angels come to the rescue.

Posted in , Feb 12, 2016

When a cell phone lands in the toilet, earth angels come to the rescue.

Yesterday was not a good day. A credit card company refused to remove the late fee from my payment that was only ONE day late. The illustrator we wanted for the next cover of Angels on Earth was not available...

And it wasn't even lunchtime yet. That's when everything really fell apart: I dropped my phone in the ladies room–and I don't mean on the floor, either. Ker plunk! Soaked. Ruined.

"Oh, no," my coworker said when she saw the bowl of rice on my desk. "Not the toilet." I felt so dumb. "It happens to everyone," she claimed. Teenagers and 20-somethings, maybe. I'm 54 years old. And responsible.

Turned out, many people in the office had had experience with "the rice trick." Rice rarely worked to dry out the phone, I gathered, but the funny stories I heard got me through the day.

The rep at the insurance carrier overnighted a replacement when I explained what had happened. "That is so annoying," she said. "Believe me, sugar, I know."

I signed for the new phone early the next morning. "Thanks so much," I said to the delivery guy. "Maybe now I can stop kicking myself for my mistake."

"What happened?"

"Dropped it. In the ladies room."

"Ohhh, I hear you," he said. "It's happened to me." I looked at him. "Well, not in the ladies room!"

Another earth angel got a laugh out of me. This would be a better day. Especially knowing that I wasn't the only dummy using a smartphone. I seemed to be in the company of angels.

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