God's Angels, Ministering Spirits

The Bible tells us over and over that God uses angels to bring His comfort. We, too, can serve as earthly angels to spread His love.

Posted in , Dec 9, 2011

painting of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus surrounded by angels.

It’s the time of year when we see angels everywhere—from Christmas cards and crèches to mall parking lots. Angels are often pictured as winged creatures, but many of the ones we read about in the Bible must have looked like normal human beings.

When Abraham saw three men approaching his tent, he ran to greet them and offered them food and drink, although they were actually heavenly messengers (Genesis 18:1-8).

The angel of the Lord in human form also appeared to Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Mary and others.  And a number of people in our own day have had help from ordinary-looking strangers who were apparently angels. You may even have experienced this yourself.

The Bible tells us over and over that God’s angels encamp around those who reverence him (II Kings 6:17, Psalm 34:7 and Isaiah 63:9). The Bible paraphrase The Message words Psalm 34:7 this way:  “God’s angel sets up a circle of protection around us while we pray.” This true story from Guideposts illustrates the truth of this Scripture.

Linda Rowe was driving with her 14-year-old daughter Wynter. The day had been snowy, and the roads were treacherous. Suddenly, the car fishtailed wildly. “Oh, God, help us!” Linda cried as the car shot across lanes of traffic, barely missing several cars. “We’re going through the guardrail!” she said in despair.

But they didn’t.  When the car began fishtailing, her young daughter saw an angel above them—and another angel covering her mother’s hands on the steering wheel. 

As they shot toward the guardrail, Wynter called out, “Jesus! Please help us!” At that moment, Linda saw six gigantic angels blocking the guardrail. The angel guiding her hands parked their car safely off the road.

God may bring you his comfort through an angel, as he did to the apostle Paul when his ship was caught in a life-threatening storm (Acts 27:14-25). Angels are his “ministering spirits” who give you his help and care (Hebrews 1:14).

They can bring you success in what you do (Genesis 24:40). And when, in brotherly love, you help strangers, you are doing God’s work, for “some have entertained angels unawares” (Hebrews 13:2).

All of us can be angelic agents for good as we help and encourage others.  Thank God for that!  At this holy season, may God bless you through his angels, divine and human.


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