Guardian Angel by Her Side

She would surely be able to handle whatever came her way, with a positive attitude and joy in her heart.

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Angels on Earth editor-in-chief Colleen Hughes' daughter Evie in middle school

Back to school already? Lulu will be a high school junior this year, and I’ll have a brand-new middle schooler. Come Monday, sixth-grader Evie will have a lot of “firsts” to get used to: combination lockers, switching classes, and—maybe the biggest change of all—riding the school bus. At least it seemed like the biggest change to me.

I remembered some of the hijinks Lulu had to put up with in her middle school bus years. When some eighth grade boys squirted water pistols from the back-row seats, I finally called to complain. Things improved after that, and Lulu actually made friends with the troublemakers. But five years later, I was still worrying over the incident. How would Evie handle something like that?

Last night before bed Evie and I looked over the bus schedule together. Broadway and Clinton, Midland and Main, Joy and Bliss... “Wow,” I said, “that must be the happiest bus stop on the whole route!”

Evie looked at me. “Nope. My stop’s the happiest. Because I can’t wait to get on that bus!”

I guess I had my answer. Evie would surely be able to handle whatever came her way. With her positive attitude and joy in her heart. And, of course, her guardian angel by her side. I can’t wait to wave her off on Monday morning. I hope you’ll think of her too.


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