Guardian Angel Cat

In our house even the cats have guardian angels!

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Angels on Earth blogger Colleen Hughes

The other day I saw this picture on my daughter Louisiana’s Facebook page.

“I really love my cat,” she wrote. Princess is pretty cute, all cozy in that carry bag. She doesn’t look like the kind of cat who would scratch you sometimes (she is that kind of cat, actually, but we love her anyway).

Lots of Louisiana’s friends “liked” the photo. A string of people commented on it. “Look,” I wrote, “in our house even the cats have guardian angels!”

Everyone was surprised. No one had noticed the shadowy figure in the background. Sure, I know it’s Luna, our black Halloween cat, jealous probably that Princess was in the limelight.

But you know me, always on high alert for an angel sighting. One day I just know I’ll see a real one. Meantime I “like” the things that keep angels on my mind.

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