Guardian Angels, Earth Angels and More

Searching for—and finding—guardian angels, earth angels and heavenly angels.

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Angels on Earth blogger Colleen Hughes

Sometimes I like to surf around the Web in idle moments, and just now I found myself Googling ... take a wild guess ... angels!

I was happy to see that Angels on Earth magazine popped up on all the terms I was searching for, but I wanted to see what else was in store.

Googling “earth angels” got me a cute, contemporary folk-art store, which looks like a really fun place to work, and a dog rescue not-for-profit for those animal angels needing a good home.

I typed in “guardian angels” and of course found the famous New York volunteer organization of red beret-wearing street protectors. Also, in case I needed it, I was alerted to the Wikipedia definition: “an angel assigned to protect and guide a particular person or group.” (Knew that!)

And “heavenly angels”? That term called up pictures of angels with wings, and pictures of all kinds. William Blake’s angels, Victorian angels, the angels I remember from holy cards the grammar school nuns passed out when we were good. There were little angels, snow angels, cherub angels, Christmas angels and archangels. I lingered for too long!

Now I’m off to our art concept meeting, where we’ll discuss how to best illustrate the stories for the March/April issue of Angels on Earth. Certainly I’m prepared!

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