Heavenly Angel in the Window

"I can assure you the angel in my photo is as real as you are," says one loyal reader.

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An angel with outstretched wings looking out a living room window

Yesterday morning I got to know one of our most loyal readers, Joan Byrd of Clemmons, North Carolina.

She's been a subscriber since Day One, and a close follower of our "Angel Sightings," which features photographs that I think of as angel-inspired.

Joan remembers every single one, "some pretty cute," she admits, "like the chandelier of tiered angel wings, or the white wing markings on that dog's back."

But none of them captured an honest-to-goodness heavenly angel on film the way she herself had, many years ago. "I can assure you the angel in my photo is as real as you are, and it is not someone dressed up like an angel. If you look close you can see rays coming from the angel's head."

The photos were taken sometime in the 1980s, Joan figures, during a family get-together one summer. That's her dad, known as Tip, in the overalls, talking to his grandson, both casually leaning against a tree, while the angel watches from inside the living room window. Joan calls it "Tip's Angel."

When I get my camera out at our next family gathering, I'll be sure to look for more than cute shots of my nieces and nephews; I'll see if I can't catch an angel in the lens.

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