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Little Blue Earth Angel

A rare collectible figurine finds a welcoming home.

by Joney Ferguson — Posted on Jun 28, 2010

On my first date with Jeff I was so excited I hardly touched my dinner. I knew right away we were meant to be.

After that date we spent the whole summer together.

Jeff went to Officer Candidate School in Kansas. I stayed in Dallas to finish my senior year at university. The letters flew back and forth across the miles. That Christmas, he proposed!

Back at school, I showed off the ring to my roommates. A couple days later they handed me a box. Inside was a small, blue ceramic angel. “We’ve named him ‘Little Jeff-O,’” they giggled.

After Jeff and I married, Little Jeff-O became a touchstone in our home. He spent time in every room, moving from the kitchen shelf to the bedroom of one son, then the other. When swimming and football trophies crowded him out there, he moved to our curio cabinet.

A while back, Jeff and I stopped in an antique shop north of Dallas. Jeff poked his head around a corner. “Joney, come quick! You’re not going to believe this!”

There on the shelf was a small, pink ceramic angel—Little Jeff-O’s perfect mate. We didn’t have to ask each other if we should buy it.

Today, the pair sit side by side in our living room. Just like Jeff and me, these two are meant to be.

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