Lost and Found: An Angel Unscathed

A pewter figurine, a gift from her granddaughter, protects a woman in a car wreck.

- Posted on Jun 15, 2012

An artist's rendering of Florence's pewter angel

Sirens blared in the distance. Emergency vehicles arrived one after the other. I leaned up against a guardrail on the side of the highway, nursing burns on both my arms.

I could barely remember the crash. It had all happened so fast—a terrible pileup. Four cars. Mine was smashed like a child’s toy. But no one appeared to be severely injured. A miracle. Which reminded me: What about my pewter angel?

I kept her clipped to my sun visor to protect me on the road. She was a gift from my granddaughter. The banner the angel held that read “with love and appreciation” always made me feel cared for and safe. Surely she was lost forever.

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-Rob Carter,  Nyack Hospital's Director of Pastoral Care

My husband arrived on the scene. I fell into his arms. He shuddered when I pointed out what was left of my car.

A policeman approached us. He put something in my hand. “I found this clipped to the visor,” he said. “Your car is next in line to be towed.”

I looked down at my pewter angel. She was unscathed. She had protected every human life among the wreckage, and God had protected her.

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