Lost & Found: An Angelic Reminder

How would she tell her husband that she had lost her engagement ring?

- Posted on Mar 4, 2014

An artist's rendering of an engagement ring

How was I going to tell my husband? My engagement ring was missing.

In the first few months after Chuck and I got engaged I loved to look down at my hand and see my diamond ring sparkling back up at me. Once we were married, I wore my wedding band and kept the engagement ring in its box for special occasions.

But when I opened my ring box today—no ring. All day I’d kept the ugly secret to myself. At dinner, I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth. Chuck slept peacefully beside me, completely unsuspecting. Feeling guilty, I turned over with my back to him.

Please, Lord, show me where that ring is. An image of a man’s suit coat popped into my head. Chuck’s navy blue sports coat...

Of course! Chuck had tucked the ring in his pocket because it was jabbing our hands while we square-danced at his company party. He would have remembered right away!

A heavenly angel had reminded me where to find my ring. But I shouldn’t forget about the earth angel in my life. I kissed my husband on the cheek, careful not to wake him.


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