Only Angels Know

As a daughter decides which college to attend, a mom knows angels will accompany her.

Posted in , Feb 4, 2015

Snow angel. Photo by Louisiana Scherman.

We're halfway through Louisiana's senior year of high school, waiting to hear where she might be dorm-living next year.

A snow angel. Photo by Louisiana Scherman.She has her sights set on several small liberal arts colleges in the northeast, and not even the snow, ice and freezing temperatures we've seen this week seem to have changed her mind. She's very mature that way.

At the beginning of the search process, considering trips we'd take to visit, I asked, "Isn't there some college on the beach in Florida you might be interested in?" No such luck.

I know she'll be happy, studying literature, French and photography at the perfect school for her–even if we don't know exactly which school that is yet.

For now, only angels know, and it's enough for me to know that they will go off with her. I think that's what Lulu wanted to tell me when she sent this picture in a text the other day: "Look, Mom! I made this for you."

Pretty nice photograph she took too. That's my girl.

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