Praying with the Angels

She prayed for angels to surround her unemployed son. Was her prayer answered?


Praying with the Angels

We all have our own way of praying. When I pray, I picture angels in my mind. I ask God to send them. For comfort, for hope or love, or whatever is needed. Angels can help make any situation better, so they’re always the first step.

A few years ago my son got laid off from his job. He tried all the practical ways to get a new job—networking, looking up ads in the paper and online, sending out letters just in case anyone was hunting. But he had no luck. After months of fruitless searching, with a wife and two children to support, he was getting desperate. I had to step in.

“Jesus, you know how hard Dave is looking for a job,” I prayed one day after getting off the phone with him. “Please help him any way you can.”


I imagined Dave and his family surrounded by angels. As many as I could summon up. I watched them fly around the crowded scene. They were everywhere—perched on Dave’s shoulder, hovering over his wife, swooping around the children, darting and flying about in all directions. The image in my mind’s eye lessened my anxiety about the situation.

My prayer didn’t get him a job right away, but finally, several months later, Dave arrived at my house with good news. “I got a job!” he said. “I start right away!”

I wanted to hear all about his interview at the auto parts company. “It went really well...but it was the funniest thing. All during the interview I felt something strange. Like a little flutter or a brush against my cheek. I couldn’t figure out what it was.”

What else but the kiss of angel wings?

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