Rainy-Day Angels

Their wings soared gracefully around, resembling nothing so much as angels.

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A flock of seagulls looking like angels on a rainy day

Raindrops as big as angel feathers fell from the sky this morning as I headed to work, but this story from my photographer friend Mary Whitney, an earth angel with perfect timing, actually brightened my rainy day.

"It's not a good day for running errands," I grumbled, dodging raindrops as I made my way to the parking lot. Even traffic seemed to be dragging down the highway. Frankly I couldn't find a single thing to smile about. We'd experienced a brutal winter. Now we'd been contending with countless days of dreary skies and torrential downpours.

"Lord, when will the weather be nice enough to walk?" I whined, swerving to miss an enormous pothole now looking more like a pond.

That's when it happened. Even with the car windows tightly rolled up, I heard their loud commotion. Hundreds of seagulls, their pristine wings soaring gracefully round and round, twirling, swirling, dancing, resembling nothing so much as angels.

They landed in a nearby field with a pond. Slowly I pulled off the side of the road, captivated with their happy "song and dance."

"I'm glad someone's enjoying this rainy day..." I said, spotting my reflection beaming back at me in the console mirror. I was smiling. The seagulls weren't the only happy campers.

I pulled back onto the highway, my spirits soaring me home. 

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