Saved by Three Earth Angels

They were trapped, with smoke everywhere. The truck was going to blow. Then three men pulled over and got to work...

Posted in , Apr 10, 2013

Angels on Earth blogger Colleen Hughes

Ragena Simper and her husband, George, were driving near Utah’s Soldier Summit on U.S. 6 last week when they lost control of their SUV. “The choices were either overcorrect and roll, or go off a 200-foot cliff,” George told the Salt Lake City Deseret News.

The car rolled several times. Both driver and passenger were bleeding, but George bled profusely from his head. Ragena feared he was dead. They were trapped in the vehicle, with smoke everywhere. Then she saw the flames. The truck was going to blow.

Three men, strangers to the Simpers and to one another, pulled over and got to work. It took all the men’s strength to pull the couple out. One man put out the flames with a fire extinguisher while another tended to George’s head wound until EMTs arrived on the scene.

The couple is recovering in the hospital, but the names of their heroes remain a mystery. Ragena and George have learned only bits and pieces about them. Most notably the strangers’ occupations: One was an Army medic, another an off-duty firefighter, the third a truck driver. Each of the men would have had a specific kind of knowledge and experience that made the roadside emergency rescue a success.

“There is no way this is a coincidence,” George Simper said. “The odds are one in a trillion.” Of course we at Angels on Earth completely agree.

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