Surrounded by Stone Angels

An angel aficionado sees her cherubic collection branch out to her backyard.

Posted in , Apr 9, 2013

 a round plate of cherubs kissing—a rendition of Raphael’s angels

Every year when the weather warms up I head outdoors to work alongside my guardian...I mean, garden angels. For years my angel collection was an indoor affair. Then I found a stone angel at a garden shop. She was so delicately carved with outstretched wings.

Why not bring divine protection outside too? I thought, plucking her off the shelf.

Not long after, while visiting a friend and former teaching colleague, I was blessed with a surprise gift. “I saw this and thought of you,” my friend said, handing me a box. Inside was a little girl angel, peering over the top of a book. Now she peeks out from my plants, reminding me how much I love teaching.

My next angel was for my Chihuahua, Louie. “Lou’s got a new pal,” I announced when I brought it home.

“Another dog?” my husband, Gordon, said. Louie was great but we couldn’t handle two of him. Gordon grinned and shook his head as I pulled out a stone puppy with angel wings.

And the cornerstone of the garden is a round plate of cherubs kissing—a rendition of Raphael’s angels. To me it represents the joy of companions—both angelic and earthly—who make each day a little brighter. Indoors or out, angels are always around us.

Garden Angel Reading Angel Kissing Angels Canine Angel
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