The Angels of Hemby Hospital

A mother with a sick child is comforted by a group of children from the other side.

Posted in , Jun 16, 2014

Boy's hand held reassuringly.

After my three-year-old son, Zac, was diagnosed with leukemia, I had questions for the doctors–and for God. Will you keep Zac safe? Will he be okay?

Zac checked into Hemby Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina. One night he had a seizure. All my fears came to the surface.

When I finally fell asleep in the hospital room, I dreamed there were many children surrounding me. One little boy had chicken pox. Some kids were giggling. “Do you have any candy?” one little girl asked.

The children told me they had died in this hospital, but they all seemed happy and pain-free as they played peacefully together.

I woke with a start, but soon felt calm. Those children wanted me to know that whether Zac stayed here with our family or went to join another one in heaven, he’d be okay.

The next morning I called my sister. “You saw the angels of Hemby Hospital,” she said. “There are stories in the news about them.” Many people had seen angels at this hospital. Mine appeared as children.

It took three years, but Zac made it through his leukemia battle. And I’ve no doubt there were angels by his side–and mine–all the time.


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